Datafruits virtual dj supermarket event

We throw this semi-monthly virtual event called “dj supermarket” on the open platform mozilla hubs as part of
It looks kind of like this.

You can check out our hubs room here.

It’s fun, it’s silly, I don’t think of it as a literal replacement for IRL shows but rather trying to create something new. This also creates a lot of opportunity to work more easily with artists across different geographic zones.

I wanted to put it out there that we would love to collaborate with resonate in some way in the spirit of cooperation.

Any artists are interested in performing would certainly be welcome, or if anyone is interested in coordinating their own event on our platform I’d love to discuss that.

Any other ideas for collaboration? Maybe a playlist on resonate to cross promote?


looks like there’s enough overlap with Ampled (see my Ampled playlist) that a cross-pollination would be interesting.

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