Deciding AGM attendance policy, meeting room, and announcement

@simonfreund messaged me some questions. Replying here so others are in the loop. Don’t have firm answers on all questions.

Is the AGM open to anyone:

The AGM is a governance meeting for Resonate Members, however anyone is welcome to attend as a guest and offer a comment here and there. Guests cannot participate in voting, points of order, seconding motions, or other parliamentary things like that.

Is the AGM on Zoom or elsewhere:

This hasn’t been decided yet, but often General Meetings have been on Zoom because Zoom is pretty darn stable. I like using for multiple reasons, but sometimes we have connectivity issues. Reviewing last year’s video, and the most recent General Meeting, we’ve been on Zoom. Often @richjensen has created a meeting room. Rich, you wanna do that again? Or if someone else wants to offer speak up.

Joining the AGM call:

Generally, it has just been an open link, right? Can’t remember. Logistically, this is part of why the meeting is open to everyone. We probably aren’t going to have someone checking the membership status of everyone who tries to join the call; doing that would be the only way to enforce the meeting was actually “only for members” – something I’m not sure we even would want to enforce. We’ve had some great guests at past AGMs, I think the key is that the chair of the AGM needs to be firm with guests who take up too much time or go off topic.

Those aren’t firm answers, @simonfreund but that’s what I have in my head right now. @Sam_Martyn @psi @richjensen


Here’s the announcement sent out last year.

I remember now that what we did was send a link to the forum event for the AGM where folks could RSVP. Later, we added to the video call link to the forum thread once we figured that out.

2021 Resonate Annual General Meeting

On Tuesday, December 28, 2021, Resonate Co-operative will convene its 2021 Annual General Meeting virtually from:

16.00 - 18.00 UTC 17.00 - 19.00 CET 11.00 - 13.00 EST 8.00 AM - 10.00 PST

RSVP and join the meeting in our Community Forum

Please find details regarding participation and resolutions below.

Co-operative Members are encouraged to participate online at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). All voting on resolutions will take place in the co-op’s Community Forum during the week following the AGM.

To participate, current members must be:
(1) Registered and verified as a Member AND
(2) Enrolled in the co-op’s Community Forum with the same email address as their Membership account by the deadline of December 28, 2021.

Details for the agenda will be emailed several days before the AGM.
If you have not received an agenda notice by Friday December 24, or if you have any questions about participation and attendance, please reach out to

It is an important moment in the life of our community. It will be great to see you there December 28th and welcome our new year together!

— Hakanto, Chairperson

Text of Resolutions for AGM

A proposal accepted by a majority of votes cast on a one-shareholder, one-vote basis, irrespective of shareholder class.

“THAT Sunita Ganesh be approved as a board member.”
Moved by Rich Jensen

“THAT Sue Jackson be approved as a board member.”
Moved by Rich Jensen

“THAT the revised version of the Resonate Manifesto be adopted.”
Moved by Rich Jensen
New version

“THAT the financial statements for 2020 be adopted.”
Moved by Rich Jensen

“THAT Tom Carolan & Co. be appointed auditors for 2020/21 with remuneration to be agreed between the auditor and the Resonate Board”.
Moved by Rich Jensen

"THAT the Membership Contribution (Qualifying Contribution) for Fan Members be raised to 10 EUR annually, effective January 4th, 2021, as proposed by the Board of Directors.
Moved by Hakanto


A proposal accepted by a majority of votes cast in each shareholder class separately, on a one-shareholder one-vote basis, plus at least 66% of all members irrespective of shareholder class on a one-shareholder one-vote basis.

Both of the following are Rulebook Amendments.

To strike and Replace “Fan” term with “Listener" within Resonate Rulebook.
Moved by Hakanto

To strike and Replace “Collaborator” term with “Worker" within Resonate Rulebook.
Moved by Hakanto

Resonate Rulebook




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Thanks for the info @Hakanto. Would you also happen to know how many people attended last year?

I think 50 or so attendees would be a fair goal for this year, but ideally seeing 100+ would be good…just trying to get more of a gauge to set a reasonable goal that we can work toward. Thanks!


Less than 10 folks were on screen last year. Maybe more off screen. Quite low. But around 20-25 participated in voting afterwards.

I’d love to see a ton of people there. That would be wonderful!


I think we had about 30 ‘onscreen’ in 2020.