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10th Aug, 2022

3.1 Tabled and prioritized discussion on whether we’re making progress board public
3.2 Maintainers will focus on getting Hetzner (our cloud host) set up so that everyone has access
3.3 Peter H can email Hetzner about removing the 3 person limit
3.4 Everyone will read Maintainer doc and next week we’ll discuss again
3.5 Si will work on Hugo once he can get it running locally.
3.6 Tabled for next week: Justifay

3rd Aug, 2022

2.1 @jeremy will find a separate time to figure out when the @maintiners and @auggod will meet for launch task in breakout with Maintainers for sharing keys
2.2 Group members consented to rolling out the current new static site and iterating upon it, as we can get half the impact of the design with removing some blocks and replacing with content and copy. We can iteratively work on it. We don’t have a big userbase so now’s the time.
2.3 @hakanto volunteered to set up a Mattermost board for tracking this work
2.4 Everyone will take a look over the Maintainers Role spec, comment etc.

27th July, 2022

1.1 - @maintainers (absent @peter) decide by consensus that they will use Mattermost Boards for task tracking
1.2 - @auggod consents to creation of the @maintainers group
1.3 - @executive gives mandate that next tech grant project contract will depend on consent of @maintainers
1.4 - @executive gives mandate to @maintainers to decide whether to implement @jeremy’s dev proposals
1.5 - Next week come to this meeting next week with a very precise set of things to have the static site go live (Augustin Lead)
1.6 @peterklingelhofer to take stab at role specification for Maintainers group