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23, Nov, 2022

Attendees: @tshiunghan @replygirl @richjensen @Sam_Martyn @piper @psi @matt_burnett

09, Nov, 2022

Attendees: @piper @psi @matt_burnett and forgetting a bunch of people likely

  • Decision to switch to bi-monthly product check in call
  • Overview of current migration work

26, Oct, 2022

Attendees: @llk @psi @piper @tshiunghan @matt_burnett

  • update on Justifay stuff and Q&A, PM interviews, etc
  • DSP next step is waiting on stack simplification and hired PM
  • Decision to not use bitwarden for now. Extra complication.
  • Website blog up for review. Small tweaks incoming and will then be deployed.

19, Oct, 2022

Attendees: @llk @psi @piper @tshiunghan @jeremy

  • Big update on Justifay stuff and Q&A, PM interviews, etc
  • DSP next step is to assign the consolidated doc to the to-hire PM.
  • Looking into why we should use bitwarden
  • Website blog up for review. Small tweaks incoming and will then be deployed.
  • Finished offboarding Augustin from some extranuous roles that they didn’t need anymore for the work they want to do.

12, Oct, 2022

Attendees: @brndnkng @richjensen @llk @psi @piper @matt_burnett

Discussed current Project Board items, in particular the Simplify Entire Tech Stack & The Consolidated API: Progress and Updates goal, and the Justifay collaboration.

5, Oct, 2022

Attendees: @richjensen @psi @piper @matt_burnett

Discussed current Project Board items, especially the Simplify Entire Tech Stack goal, and the Justifay collaboration.

21 Sept, 2022

Attendees: @jeremy @psi @piper @Hakanto @tshiunghan @LLK @matt_burnett

DSP product design process is moving forward!

Discussed some questions from Justifay about development process

Having good language around product management seems important as it’ll affect devs.

  • Is Resonate’s work culture ready to delegate decision making responsibilities to a product owner.
  • Product manager more as guide and person making sure we stay on track
  • Definitely big part of this conversation is the resources allocation of volunteers.
  • Product manager can be seen as a somewhat political position to build consensus around people who want to build things and the things community members want to see. Distilling all of it into a product backlog and creating clarity.
  • Definition wobble around maintainers not really being the people who make decisions around what the product should be, just what’s possible.
  • Need to nail down how much decision making power the Product Manager has in this whole process.

Offboarding Augustin from Maintainers Role

  • Can we get the word out? A forum post? Who should write that? Can Peter H or brandon do a more holistic forum post? Jeremy will pitch this to brandon or Peter H
  • Figure out being added as WordPress admin.
  • TODO: offboard from Hetzner. Email address changes (what’s getting sent there? Can we forward it to Forum admin changes. Mattermost admin changes.
  • TODO: Piper will follow up with Peter H on dev server.
  • TODO: Make a thread on mattermost to talk it through (Si will do this)

MySQL and API consolidation are going pretty well. Put effort into the future and not maintaining the current status quo.

  • A broad view post about the current state of Resonate.
  • Infrastructure in flux post is protecting us. Do we need to make that post more apparent what kind of flux it is?
  • TODO: Piper will make a post

14 Sept, 2022

Attendees: @brndnkng, @richjensen, @tshiunghan, @jeremy, @psi, @llk, @piper, @matt_burnett

Justifay - defining milestones

  • original approach with Justifay didn’t really work super smoothly.
    • consolidating back-end API (eg. registration bugs)
    • add translation capabilities in the front-end
    • focus on research and product definition for a DSP
    • tech resources: should be someone who has bought into the vision, but an opportunity to hire outside of privilege
    • it takes time and labor to hire people
    • @brndnkng and @richjensen will be putting together a timeline

Next two months priorities related to dev team:

  • solidify the technical platform for future development
  • flesh out DSP roadmap
  • recruit for missing team capabilities
  • look for more funding

Create issues: Consolidate MySQL tables (due in a week). Break consolidating API into repository (due… one month?) Deploying new repository to a staging server, with continuous deployment (due 1.5 months?) Beam working with new API (2 months?)

7 Sept, 2022

Attendees: @brndnkng, @peter, @jeremy, @psi, @llk, @piper, @2cb, @matt_burnett

  • Discussion around Maintainer observer roles.
  • Discussion regarding collaboration/partnership with Justifay.
  • Feedback from potential new volunteers was that they thought it was really accessible to have an easy to jump on meeting.

7.1 Approved edits to Maintainer Collective Role:

Conduct Aspirations

We are committed by the Resonate Manifesto to include, promote, consolidate and follow a course determined by underrepresented identities and cultures.

7.2 Set new goal: Simplify Entire Stack
7.3 Re-prioritized remaining items on Product Backlog)

31 Aug, 2022

Conversation about new responsibilities, status of access, due to low funds and core coders leaving. etc
Conversation about decentralization
Conversation about next steps about the infrastructure

  • Simplification will make things easier
  • Prioritization of dev workflow
  • Eg. getting rid of mysql
  • Look into services for CI


  • We get to set the terms of what it is we’re delivering, and that it’s clear.
  • Use it as the proof for spinning up a one-click install.

6.1 Jeremy, Piper, and Si to have a brainstorm meeting about way forward for dev stack
6.2 Piper is willing to be point person with Justifay

24th Aug, 2022

5.1 Approved edits to Maintainer Collective Role:


Maintainers will actively work to dismantle the hierarchies, marginalizations, oppressions pervasive within their group, tech generally, and the wider ecosystem Resonate operates in.


To attempt to onboard new volunteer devs seeking to assist with tech infrastructure needs, emphasizing transnational involvement from traditionally marginalized communities /cultural bearers as a crucial component in informing and grounding the development of our platform and cooperative to meet their needs.


  • Created a ticket regarding creation of an Observer Role in the Maintainers’ Collective @peter

  • Discussion regarding open sourcing tracks-api.

  • Discussion regarding Golang vs TypeScript, decision to open conversation to the community.

  • Remove About page from footer of all websites.

  • Maintainers to send @auggod their public key for ssh.

17th Aug, 2022

4.1 Need Peter H and Brandon to approve the Maintainer Doc
4.2 Update: New website deployed :tada:
4.3 Augustin - Dashboard uses the wrong user database (postgres) so it doesn’t currently work for uploading.
There needs to be a form created. Google form for now?
4.4 Piper will make a google form for accepting upload submissions.
4.5 Piper will find a place for that google form to be added to, maybe in the player.

4.6 Made board public Focalboard

10th Aug, 2022

3.1 Tabled and prioritized discussion on whether we’re making progress board public
3.2 Maintainers will focus on getting Hetzner (our cloud host) set up so that everyone has access
3.3 Peter H can email Hetzner about removing the 3 person limit
3.4 Everyone will read Maintainer doc and next week we’ll discuss again
3.5 Si will work on Hugo once he can get it running locally.
3.6 Tabled for next week: Justifay

3rd Aug, 2022

2.1 @jeremy will find a separate time to figure out when the @maintiners and @auggod will meet for launch task in breakout with Maintainers for sharing keys
2.2 Group members consented to rolling out the current new static site and iterating upon it, as we can get half the impact of the design with removing some blocks and replacing with content and copy. We can iteratively work on it. We don’t have a big userbase so now’s the time.
2.3 @hakanto volunteered to set up a Mattermost board for tracking this work
2.4 Everyone will take a look over the Maintainers Role spec, comment etc.

27th July, 2022

1.1 - @maintainers (absent @peter) decide by consensus that they will use Mattermost Boards for task tracking
1.2 - @auggod consents to creation of the @maintainers group
1.3 - @executive gives mandate that next tech grant project contract will depend on consent of @maintainers
1.4 - @executive gives mandate to @maintainers to decide whether to implement @jeremy’s dev proposals
1.5 - Next week come to this meeting next week with a very precise set of things to have the static site go live (Augustin Lead)
1.6 @piper to take stab at role specification for Maintainers group