Developer Forums?

I submitted my info to the form at Developers - Resonate a while back but to my knowledge haven’t received any response to that? Would love to get involved in some capacity & I’m struggling with where to start, would be great to have a conversation w/ folks developing on this currently and get a sense of how best to do that.


Hey Margaret! Thanks for saying hi. Would you be free to come by the Community Call tomorrow? 1600 UTC, lasts for an hour.

There is also a development-focused call every week that @Nick_M can share the time and link for.

I’m trying to help the co-op get more organized, improve documentation, and clarify the orientation process for volunteers. If you have any suggestions on those themes (or anything else), please share your ideas.

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Thank you! Yeah I think I’d love to join on the development focused call, unfortunately can’t make the community call tomorrow! Thank you @Hakanto :slight_smile:

@Nick_M what is the schedule for upcoming dev calls?

Hey all sorry about the delay in reply! Dev Meetup Calls are every Friday at 1600 GMT

This deck may help as an intro…

Next one after the break is
Fri, Jan 8, 4:00pm - 4:30pm GMT
ResonateDevMeetup 1600GMT for 30 minutes.

Only 30 mins

Weekly Dev Call Discussion - a place for those interested in Resonate Dev work to say hi… and see the Dev 2020 message board for ‘topic of the week’

Notes from meetings here

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All the short term development work is in kanban-style task lists in our Basecamp Development 2021 team - shout out if you would like to join! The development plan gives a higher-level long range plan of the development areas and projects.

Hey sorry for my delay on this! Adding the call to my calendar now & would love to be added on Basecamp, part of what made me lose motivation on contributing last time was seeing the state of GitHub issues & the lack of meaningful contributor documentation. It’s possible some of this has changed now as this was probably in the summer last year.


Invite sent, @mdax! :v:

Hi @mdax It certainly has changed! Still a lot of tidying up to do but we plan to be working much more in the open on GitHub and moving more of our kanban to-do lists into GitHub, while having more of our development backlog / wishlist topics discussed in a more user-friendly way on here on Discourse. There are more public updates to our neglected-back end repos around the user api and our general api strategy coming soon. Meantime here’s a 15 min overview of our tech landscape


new member here - maybe something that could be beneficial would be having a video or written demo on how to set up one of the frontends locally? This can be done asynchronously (less meetings), and could double as a “good first step” for new people exploring becoming volunteers as they could help out by doing QA on new features impacting the frontend.

The code is on github, and listeners that happen to be developers who wish they could just make a small change for their own personal consumption of the frontend would be able to “just do it” without additional overhead. if they want to share their change they could submit a PR for discussion with the understanding that it would be a low priority.

If bandwidth allows there could even be a “developer community” volunteer who just does setups with people interested in building with the resonate API (ex / building music streaming app seems to be popular educational milestone for budding iOS developers after they do the to do list app, there’s no reason Resonate shouldn’t be on the list of possible APIs )

What do you think @mdax ?

@boopboop Great idea. And not just for frontends. We also have stuff for backend stats development that needs improvement too. It’s to replace some ugly (very big) spreadsheet prototype views with some sort of stats api with access / roles management (important, driven off our new user api) and perhaps a cool simple front end. There’s a video explainer for the existing stats system (but it has some confidential data in it, so needs to be shared with a privacy agreement / promise.

Written setup instructions would be far superior:

  • don’t have this privacy issue
  • steps are unambiguous
  • updating is very easy
  • reader can copy+paste
  • there’s no issue of “i can’t understand anything this person is saying”
  • edit: live with the codebase

I only suggested videos since some people seem to hate writing stuff down and a video would be better than nothing

also edit: I did recently try to get set up with what I think is the streaming repo following the instructions in the readme, but reaadme hasn’t been updated in a while and I eventually got stuck. Opened a gh issue about it.


A heads-up!

We’ve successfully moved all of our development-oriented work/comms out of Basecamp and into Github and this Platform area of the Forum. There’s been a lot of improvement in both areas since these convos back in February @boopboop @mdax

Thanks to you both for your suggestions toward how we can design our collaboration here to make it easier for developers to get involved. It’s essential!

Maybe an easy fix would be to add information about the pace of work to the readme to set expectations? Just by looking at the repo (which I did before I started commenting on the forum) I assumed that work stopped sometime in April and that there is a trello board or google doc somewhere that has the “real” backlog.

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Recently, we’ve been experimenting with defining batches of work as Epics and approaching those one at a time. A backlog will be set for an Epic as it solidifies, with the code-focused parts of the backlog being kept in the Projects area for a particular service. @angus could answer more questions in this area – he’s our Product Manager.

We’ll draw from the various #story items across the forum when adding tasks to a particular epic, so those are an ideal place to discuss and share ideas for features.

Since we’re still rather fresh on this more structured agile approach, some of the documentation on Github is likely a bit out of date. If you feel that a particular readme or piece of documentation is out of date or not useful, it seems we should remove it or label it as outdated. This way we can save everyone time. How’s that sound to you? :slight_smile:

These two posts should offer some good context on our current approach and priorities:

I’ll make a PR with the most minimal changes and see what you think :slight_smile:

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here is is added updated links to github projects and forum by whatSocks · Pull Request #90 · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub