Developer Help Wanted - ability to mark songs as "don't play this"

ability to mark songs as “don’t play this”
Since playing a song is a step towards purchasing a song, we should make it so that users have control over songs they don’t want to buy. Basically a “dislike” list that will be skipped if the user gets to that song in a playlist.

I imagine that this would just be a model similar to the Favorite model, but called Dislike or something similar, with the same set of functionality as the Favorite model and controllers.


I have a very high degree of desire for this feature.

Not necessarily ‘dislike’ so much as ‘please skip’

I like to play tracks randomly and it would be nice to teach my random universe which tracks I wish to skip.

Would like this for an artist/release groupings too.

Perhaps this could also be applied to tags.


This is sorely needed. There’s a lot of experimental stuff on Resonate that doesn’t vibe with me at all. I listen to great songs and then something I find repulsive hits my stream and I’d love the ability to click never play again (or at least dislike) for at least the satisfaction.

It’s one of the main reasons I don’t use Resonate as my day-to-day. I always come back after a couple months to check in hoping to see crowd-sourced tagging and dislike buttons.