Directing new artists to handbook and help desk

I’ve redesigned the current artist onboarding process so that new artists will be directed to:

  • the Submitting Music guide in the Handbook, which now includes a link to the Music Submission Form

  • the Help Desk to ask questions there rather than emailing us privately for common questions

@workers @executive Expect a lot of new faces in the forum! If you see an artist asking for help, familiarize yourself with the For Artists materials in the Handbook, link them to what they need, and say hi. I’ll need your help to welcome them and update the Handbook.

This shift toward making the forum a hub for welcoming is part of the goals I pitched in the Trenza proposal.

This new process should help minimize work in the inbox during our platform transition and roadmap planning, minimize duplicate information, and give members more opportunities to help each other.


@LLK Would you be down to test out this artist onboarding flow? If so, head to Join - Resonate, make a new Artist Account and tinker around with the links.

We have a totally new onboarding system under development by @auggod and @Nick_M. This process is to tide us over until that is deployed. So this interim flow doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to make sense.

Anyone else who is down to test this out too, go for it. Always possible for things to be overlooked while making changes.