Discussion: chartering, worker membership, board agenda


For the meeting that starts in an hour, the pitch was to discuss/explore resonate’s chartering processes and how that relates to collaboration, time tracking and worker membership.

However, due to the upcoming board meeting, it was suggested that we could also use this time to work on discussing board agenda items.

Doing both of these in an hour seems like it will be quite cramped on time. Since worker membership processes is one of the agenda items which should be covered at the board meeting, I think we should make that the main theme of the meeting today.

If we have time to explore other agenda items, let’s do so, but the first priority should be to define what agenda items there need to be in regards to worker membership processes and chartering policy.





for whoever is continuing the discussion at the top of the hour, we can use this link


Agenda item: Member-proposed topics of discussion

I would like to propose this policy to the board as a process for ensuring the board is responsive to the concerns of the membership and workers and that there are appropriate criteria for transparency of board business.

It also suggests some standards for what a ‘proposal’ actually is, and the expectations for prior discussion.

We have raised this before:

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Added it to the agenda draft :sunny:

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