Distributor/label bulk import

As a distributor or label manager, I want to be able to import catalog to Resonate and know that all information I have submitted has been stored in Resonate’s system: all metadata fields, attributions, etc.


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You know i’m here for this @Hakanto !!

lolol, please lmk if you’re looking for feedback, need someone to test a beta for this, etc. I’ll drop whatever I am doing to help! :handshake:


Thank you so much for offering your help! we will absolutely contact you when the time comes.

Btw, if you read any of these Topics labeled as “story” and feel that they are lacking, are missing essential features, or could be improved, definitely comment and share those thoughts.

These will be refined over time through our collaboration!

I’ll also review your previous comments elsewhere and those by @Iamupinthecloud to see how our platform’s design and features can improve.

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Kendraio has posted a progress update on their metadata import tool that Resonate will be experimenting with! :clap::clap::clap:

“Kendraio offers a low-code solution for working with data. “Flows” can be built and shared to work with a range of data sources, including REST APIs, GraphQL, and local data such as XML, JSON, and database systems. DDEX is a set of data standards for the music industry, developed with the aim of making the exchange of data and information across the industry more efficient. We created a set of Flows within the Kendraio ecosystem that work with DDEX data.”



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