💸 Donate and spread the word: let's raise 20,000€ this month

We need to raise €20K EUR (about $23K USD) before March 1st, 2022.

These funds will pay staff and developers so we can build essential features for our new, integrated platform. If we don’t raise what we need, the pace of work here will dramatically slow down – or even stop.

We need your help so that we can support our workers, build the services we need to bring on more artists, provide a great experience for listeners, and become truly independent – democratically and financially.

You can make this happen by donating and by sharing this link to our new Open Collective page wherever you can: social media, among friends, artists, developers, everyone.

Supporter shares

If you are a Resonate member, you can also log in at https://resonate.is and purchase supporter shares. These are a great way for co-op members to support our future development and come with the potential for extra financial returns on years of surplus.



Thank you everyone in advance for donating and sharing!


Thank you Sam for your dedication to this fundraising project! :pray::fist:

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Depending on how people feel about this, would there be any way to pin a post like the one you have above to the top of the forum like you do for AGMs and things?

I don’t want to overstep if there are other more important things to tackle right now, but if this is a primary need, any additional showcasing could help.

Just an idea…thanks!