Easy way to follow progress/plans/challenges?

Found this project over the weekend and I think it’s super cool. The business model seems very fair and the fact that you’re a co-op just makes it even better.

Now, what I haven’t been able to wrap my head around is “how things are going”. I’ve read a bit here on the community forum and I’ve browsed around both the website and the code base.

It would be cool if the blog came alive and got a post a month or something that just briefly summarized the state of things. Doesn’t have to be more than a paragraph or two tbh. Or maybe updates like that belong elsewhere?

Either way, questions I currently have floating around in my head are:

  • I’ve read there’s a relaunch in progress, has it already happened? Seems like the streaming site is sorta in beta but already out at least? What else is the plan for this relaunch?
  • What are the current challenges for the platform for driving artist adoption? It seems like a win-win for them to upload tracks, at least if they’re not the biggest names in music. Is it just outreach? Or do they have hesitations? If so, why?
  • Just like most people, I have friends that are artists (albeit just indie of course, don’t know any super stars haha), does it make sense to tell them about Resonate at this moment in time? Or in a few months? I’m thinking you only get one chance every so often for people to take a look at something, and if e.g. the artist experience is currently still being finished/polished up, maybe it’s better to wait (thinking about that relaunch?).

I certainly don’t demand answers to these, I’m just curious. If someone has a few minutes to explain I’d be eager to read :slight_smile:

Finally, I’m a full stack software engineer by profession so would be happy to lend my skills when there’s time.


Found the roadmap at the bottom of the about page, but seems a bit outdated as well (I think?)

Actually clarifying this and making a page that states all of this was the main focus of a meeting we just had yesterday where several of us advocated for the need to have a place where projects / goals and how advanced they are so that people can have a quick view of the “lay of the land”.

So you’re absolutely right this needs to happen and sooner rather than later, and we’re conscious of it.

We can use this topic to keep track of where this endeavor is at (be we might create another one I don’t know).

Right now just so you know we just got a new Platform Lead in the person of @jackhajb which means he too needs to wrap his head around how things are before presenting to us a map of how he thinks would be best to engage with all the work that’s been done and that’s left to do.

This is all very “right now” work, meaning you should see some discussion and concrete moves happening this week and the next.

Just wanted to fill you in on the bullepoints of yesterday’s meeting because your question strongly echoes what’s been said there!


Cool sounds good, thanks for the update!


@fgblomqvist Thank you for all of your help on GitHub over this past week!

You’ve probably already seen this, but just in the off chance that you haven’t, I thought I’d mention that the Volunteer Dev Guide in the Handbook is pretty up to date.

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Np, happy to help :slight_smile:
Cool, actually hadn’t seen that yet. Maybe it should/could be linked from the repo README (it currently links to a thread which feels a bit odd). Will read it over!


peace @fgblomqvist

thanks for the post and great questions. nice to meet you!

of course, every participant in something as complex as a multi-stakeholder co-op (with listeners, artists, workers, and supporters) is likely to have a different view depending on their interests, social position, and lived experience.

I’m so glad you found the roadmap meeting. I meant to reply earlier to you and show you around a bit. Perhaps you have begun to get some of your excellent questions addressed by digging around in the Forum yourself?

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@fgblomqvist, it was added to the Readme just this week (which may have been after the time when you first poked through the Readme). Maybe adding it to the main links at the very top as well would be more helpful / visible though? What do you think? :grinning:

In my view things are pretty awesome. There have been a number of friendly and capable people like yourself turning up recently to check out the project.

The Roadmap sessions that you found are fairly significant in the life of the co-op. It’s the first time since about 2018 that the all the active participants have gathered to set operational goals that integrate the three general interest groups/disciplines represented in the working culture of the co-op:

  • Governance (Democratic)
  • Technology (Open, Safe, Serving humans not vice versa)
  • Music (An ancient social superpower)

There’s more about the co-op’s aspirations in a manifesto that was passed by members at the 2021 AGM in December.

The AGM page has a number of links to fairly current information about the general state of the co-op.

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@piper Ah yeah I see that now, nice. Yeah either that or adding it inside the CONTRIBUTING.md. Either way :slightly_smiling_face:

@richjensen Thank you, nice to meet you too!

I have indeed done some digging and found some interesting stuff, but haven’t found the answers to these specific questions yet. Though it’s not impossible I will find them soon enough :smile:

But thanks for the links and the brief overview, sounds good, will do some reading. Gonna try to join in on one of the meetings as well, at least just for fun.


We’re actually in the process of defining key objectives / key results / and the metrics by which to gauge our progress in accomplishing them. You can check this process out in the Roadmap Session 6 Topic by going to the google sheet doc presenting that process, sharing your thoughts if you have any, and the reflection behind this process was conceived and proposed by our new platform lead in this topic


Thanks, will do!

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Find the Relaunch plan here. It was a set of deliverables driving the platform (improved artists upload tool, new player version, User and Member APIs, new website) and co-operative governance (moving from a single executive to a distributed team).

For a variety of reasons, some of them relating to the provision of artist services you mention in your second question, the Relaunch was paused at about 70% implementation and transitioned into the Roadmap sessions that have been running over the last ten days.


From my point of view the number one challenge is setting a reliable short-term roadmap for ingesting all commercially relevant metadata to provide accounting and payment processes at scale for rights-holders.


Per your suggestion, stream!147 adds the Developer Guide to Contributing, and to the very top of the Readme to maximize visibility. Feel free to review or suggest further changes. We want to make onboarding new devs as streamlined as possible, so this was a great idea for an addition in my opinion.


@piper Thanks for the PR, lgtm.

@richjensen Thanks, good read about the relaunch plan, that does answer that question. As for the artist adoption, I see. Sounds like an appropriately complex problem for why things are a bit slow. Hopefully it’s something that can be figured out in the near-term.