Edit User-group Profile

As a User Group Owner, I want to be able to edit my User Group info from the settings:

  • Name
  • if User Group of type “user”: change type to artist or label
  • Location (BE note: query User/Track API address search autocomplete endpoint, it uses Algolia Places API Algolia Places)
  • Add/Remove links
  • Upload profile picture and header image
  • Add/Remove music genres


  • available for all User Groups: public
    only available for User Groups of type “user”: display supported artists, display owned music


  • Upload new release
  • Edit + Delete existing releases DESIGN UPDATED
  • if User Group NOT of type “user”, Add/Remove Members/Artists:
  • if User Group of type “artist”: with role and display name
  • if User Group of type “label”: side note from back-end dev - use UserGroup service AddMembers endpoint as well. DESIGN UPDATED
  • if User Group of type “artist”: DESIGN UPDATED
  • Add/Remove “Member of” or “Label” (decide on the wording to use)
  • Edit Publisher/M

@Nick_M What category/epic do you think this user story relates to? APIs? Player? Dashboard? It seems to span multiple areas.

Seem like very generic and broad user story that needs to be broken down into specifics… Eg.

As a user group owner, I need to edit the name, description and other public information so that I can display a consistent profile for the ‘persona’ that this usergroup represents

As a user group owner I need to manage the public sharing of my profile so that I can manage my privacy.

And so on…

I think there is overlap with the user and membership API user stories here…

We should avoid that and perhaps refer the player use cases to do with user personas / profiles (user groups), to the corresponding detail in the back end user and membership API…

The player user story could then focus on the navigation, ‘flow’ and presentation of the user and membership API features / stories.

There are obv. a lot more user stories around tracks and releases which also need to be written up nicely.