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@LLK: “Is there no way to have a system similar to Bandcamp where an artist can give a link to an integrated embedded player for his/her release that only works on a specific website which allows for stuff like press exclusive to display the song / album on their page? At least for releases. Playlists are another set of issues and a bigger can of worms.”


Yes no problem Hakanto move everything where you think they’re more useful and on topic!

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just here to say this is something that i think should be prioritized in my opinion. having a viable embeddable player for music blogs/publications to feature music helps with artist discovery and platform discovery.

idk the costs associated with allowing a whole play as opposed to a 45-second sample play (and i’m sure there are many nuanced things to consider here, no doubt), but i think an embeddable player that allows for streaming of a whole song is essentially a marketing campaign for the platform. and the cost(s) associated with that might be worth it.

if it’s sleek, distinct, functional, it’ll drive sign-ups of both artists and listeners over time. what is the opportunity cost vs the actual cost when it comes to 45-second samples vs whole tracks? fwiw: i would use a resonate embeddable player that allowed for full plays. i would use bandcamp or soundcloud instead if that wasn’t possible.


Just here to say I second all you said and these are basically all the reasons why I think allowing for this is essential.

Afaik we have that already, you just have to set the track to ‘free’ plays? There is a cost to the artist and the platform in doing that in terms of earnings, but we could allow for it as a promotional cost, agreed with the artist. Then we simply switch it to paid when the promotional period is done.

However, tracking the potential use of this is a weakness at the moment I think…

@auggod @Hakanto do you think it would be good (later, future) to have more values for plays.event than just a paid / free toggle? I.e. we could add an event type for promoted play. On the track, we could also add a promotion reference and/or product reference?

syncing my previous wishlist so it doesn’t get lost

Here’s an example with a free track (the second track is free)

But instead of making all the tracks free, how about having another share iframe that is only available to the artist/label with the option of having the tracks not cutting off at the 45 second mark and doesn’t generate plays counts?


What about the 45-second sample in a player that pitches a link to the ‘New Account’ registration page to [draft copy @melis_tailored] ‘sign up and try an hour of cooperative streaming for free’?

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This would take users away from the page, which is usually the opposite of what page owner wants.

The soundcloud embed solves this issue by allowing listeners to sign up / login via their embed:

It is easier to add a link though, than to add authentication, so +1 to adding some more links.

A related issue is that if you are viewing a track/album detail, decide you like it, and want to create an account / log in to listen to the entire track, after you authenticate it doesn’t drop you back to where you were before. If you typo on the track title, good luck finding it again.

In the ideal world, after a user creates an account after finding a track either on the site or via the embed, it would redirect the user back on the exact track/album/playlist they were trying to listen to.


@piper maybe this is a good small task to start with?

example embed:

it’s frustrating to me it’s not obvious (to MEEE) that by clicking the giant image you go to the playlist, which is why I always paste the URL of the playlist in any message also use an embed with (see Listener Sunday :slight_smile:)

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