Eminem, Harry Fox, Spotify, NMPA & The Music Modernization Act

Hello folks! Sharing again for the general edification of the collective. These types of things happening with policy makers and law are of deep concern to myself and I suspect others here. Theres a lot going on with the legislation of how music, copyright etc are being handled. Jeff Price, as always is a great resource here delivering a video to explain something which while is now 1.5 years back, is still relevant. I only learned last week that the copy right laws were changed in the midst of the pandemic and have been trying to get my head around the new laws in place, especially with the rise of NFTs. (Love them or hate them you should be versed in Copyright if you are protecting it, or are making sure not to infringe on it.)
Anyhow, wanted to share this video for anyone keen to know more about these areas.

Eminem, Harry Fox, Spotify, NMPA, & The Music Modernization Act