End of year music lists!

Proven way to show off your most hipper-than-thou side. Curious what your top listens to were this year, whether on Resonate or elsewhere.

If you want to go deeper, tell us why you like it!

PUP - THE UNRAVELING OF PUPTHEBAND I have listened to this album a lot. It’s PUP’s first album on a big label, you can hear it in the production, and they’re very sassy about it. But there’s some really brilliant and simple riffs and hooks in it.

haircuts for men churns out vaporware like no other. It’s all very chill and my go-to work music.

Khraungbin - Texas Moon put this on if you want your friends to think you’re :sunglasses: ! leon bridges + Khruangbin collab

Power Struggle - Aspirations bay area hip hop with a very up front leftist bend.

Primo the Alien - Heart on the Run Synths and drum machines and very, like, plastic? music.

Not included because it wasn’t released in 2022, but David Byrne’s American Utopia is still top listen for me lol.

I’ll try to make a playlist of some Resonate tracks and share it here, but I’ve been listening to the CAMP Radio playlists while developing.


So no one else has listened to any music in 2022?

Whenever I can annoy somebody with my taste in music I am on board.

Berduxa - Nils Frahm
Amazing piano piece with an insanely fluid beginning and a fabulous yet simple melody, turning into this wonderful minimalistic salsa-ish piano piece. The only thing better than it this year was hearing him improvise an alternative version live.

Consequences - Carl Carlsson
A super cool throwback to the 90s track, reminding me of some good punk-rock

G minor - Hania Rani
Been obsessed with her music since her first album.
It has something very eery and meditative listening to her playing.
She also has some great sheet music books on her bandcamp.

Love of Her Life - Lizzie Reid
This is my representative track for all those “just a girl and her guitar/synthesizer”-indie tracks that I’ve been listening to this winter. Other’s are the ever-great Billie Marten, Delaney Bailey, Sibylle Baier, Alice Boman.

Mentionable Things

  • The damned 80’s. I’ve been re-discovering some Bruce Springsteen albums as well as other 80’s classics ( Feels Like Heaven, Enjoy The Silence ) in the last months. Still make you want to dance&cry in a club at 3 am in the morning.

  • The new Flume album palaces. Mind-bending as always.

  • Radiohead’s OK Computer. Got into some songs on the album that I used to have a hard time enjoying.

  • Kendrick’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. Some great fresh air into modern popular Hip-Hop

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