Events, Announcements, etc

Let the community know…

About what? :slight_smile:

Whaddya got? :rofl:

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What is this community about?
Little hunt would help :slight_smile:

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You are a member of the Resonate Coop, correct? So presumably you have an interest in music and things relating to music? (As do the others here.) Just thinking this thread might be a good channel for sharing gigs, events, legislation, music services, news, job openings, workshops… cool releases, villains, heroes… etc…

More clear?

Oh I remember now :smiley:
Musically I’m not very active at the moment (even though it could be the best time to create due to the lockdown), I have other things to do, including studying.
I resurrected an old project in March and had a nice show and then this shit happened :slight_smile:
Anyway here’s a link to some clips from the performance:

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