Everpress T-Shirt Campaign Re-Upped!

peace everyone,

just giving word that we’ve re-upped our T-Shirt campaign with Everpress!

definitely feel free to get one of your own and spread word!


Thank you for re-upping this @brndnkng. Can confirm that these shirts are awesome - super soft, art looks amazing (not to mention it’s a great cause :wink:). If anyone’s on the fence, I highly recommend!


When I click on the above link, it shows me that the campaign has ended.

Is this happening for others too, or just me?

@Sam_Martyn Looks normal for me :thinking:

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That’s good!

I just noticed that if I opened the link in a new incognito tab, it shows that the campaign is live, so maybe I just need to clean out my browser a little.

Awesome work! Thanks all!