Farewell 🍂

After a year and a half of intense near-daily commitment to Resonate, I gotta tell ya, I’m worn out. It’s time for me to take a long rest and regroup.

@brndnkng has been selected by the Board as the sole Exec Coordinator, replacing the Exec Team. I’ll be working with him and @workers to pass off my routines and responsibilities.

I’m writing a comprehensive follow-up which will detail the tools I’ve developed for Resonate. My hope is that these will be nurtured and provide for future contributors.

I’ll be popping in here and there, teaching, or contributing to occasional projects in a limited capacity. But otherwise, expect to see less of me as I reconnect with what’s wilted.

:seedling: Ĝis la revido


Love you @Hakanto I think I speak for everyone but I do definitely speak for myself when I say your kindness and your energy have been a reason for me to stay and talk and reflect on this project.

I wish you all the time you need to rest, regroup, find balance and find whatever is good for you. I’m extremely thankful you were around to provide a warm welcome when I lurked in a little over a year ago.


Well said @LLK. @Hakanto your presence will be sorely missed but I’m glad you’re taking the steps you need to take to do right by yourself and like @LLK said, to find balance. You were instrumental in welcoming me to this community and heavily inspiring me. Your contributions to the Resonate community as a whole have been massive, and to carry the plant metaphor further, I think we’ll be reaping the benefits of seeds you planted in your role for quite some time. Thank you so much for your diligence, passion, insight, and grace. :seedling: :slightly_smiling_face:


A huge THANK YOU for all you have done for Resonate, @Hakanto. I can’t imagine how much time and energy you’ll need just to write the follow-up, because of the sheer amount of work you have done here.

May you get the rest and recharge you need and absolutely deserve. You have my utmost respect and support.


I second all of the previous replies, but yes @Hakanto, thank you so much for all of your hard-work, dedication, and passion for Resonate.

Please use time to rest and rebalance, and I hope to see you around in this forum sometime in the future, when you’re refreshed.

With sincere gratitude, :pray::heart:
– Sam


Please water the flowers and then return to scatter some petals as you can. If I didn’t understand how burnt out you are, I would just point blank refuse to accept this loss.

You have been a driving force the time I have been with Resonate to getting this community to the place we are now - to create community among so many disparate online dwellers during incredibly hard times for many of us. I appreciate it and you very much.



You’ve made an epic contribution to this community @Hakanto – your dedication to co-operative values and principles, your steadfast determination to close communication and knowledge gaps and your vision for laying solid, functioning democratic processes will be felt for YEARS TO COME.


Hakanto. Comrade. There would be no Resonate today without the contributions you have made. You carry incredible talent, poise and perspective and brought your whole self to these spaces relentlessly. I am so grateful you made your way here.

Your methods of openness, clarity and dedication to documentation will continue to guide and serve this community until, I hope not long from now, you are moved and find the capacity to re-engage.



Hard to find the words to describe the sense of loss, and I think others have said it best. But succinctly, I know for certain I wouldn’t have been introduced to this community without you. Without your expertise and assistance we would all be lost with you!

Thank you so much for what you have given, it’s truly immeasurable—I hope you find that sense of peace and restoration!

<3 Sunita


you’ve always made time to help me understand and navigate the forum and to learn other aspects of our coop, platform, handbook, governance, soo many things! these kinds of exchanges are invaluable and i’m really grateful.

you’ve given above and beyond and have poured your heart into this project, and your definitely love shows! i’m glad you’re making space and taking time to rest, regroup, and pour into yourself.

completely appreciate you @Hakanto hope your time away is restorative and regenerative

with love and gratitude


Apologies for the late message here, @Hakanto. Just digging in after a week+ of craziness.

I’m not sure what I could say here that hasn’t already been said.

I’m personally looking forward to a thriving future at Resonate with many more users, and a much more expansive digital environment in which your energy and passion for process can truly flourish. I can’t imagine anyone else understanding and fielding heightened activity in and through this platform with the level of focus you bring, and I know you’ve done a lot of work already laying a track for us via the forum and more to begin handling dilemmas and questions of all sorts when it comes to this new, weird territory of platform co-op governance.

I hope you can see and appreciate the role you’ve already played in what will ultimately be pioneering work, and the impact it could have for countless who join Resonate and beyond (within the global platform co-op space).

I’m also hoping your time away can be something that ultimately energizes you, and that by the time Resonate is in a more secure place, you’ll be ready for an impassioned return. :blush:

Sending love and appreciation, and know you’ll be watching. Let’s stay in touch. :wink:


@Hakanto, thank you mate. See you again soon, and often, I hope.

That clear, passionate worker voice of yours will be heard in many more platform coops.