Featured Artist Tracks - Test of Community Vote

Here is a test of a simple community vote for tracks to feature on the homepage / player shuffle (uses an old list, just for testing purposes / feedback)…

  • ‘La Nau Dels Argonautes’ by Pep Llopsis http://freedomtospend.org / @RVNGIntl Resonate
  • 'A Bear in the Hermitage’ by Sunken Foal @SunkenFoal via @PlanetMuRecords Resonate
  • ‘WR Flame’ by Sun Hammer @SunHammer via @FullSpectrumRec Resonate
  • ‘The Maze’ by Keep Right @KeepRightX Resonate
  • ‘Skiza (Umoja Dub Remix)’ by Brina @Brina_Reggae via @TribalGlobal Resonate
  • ‘Primavera’ by June Caravel @JuneCaravel http://linktr.ee/junecaravel Resonate
  • ‘Exploration of the Invisible (Part 5)’ by Stephanie Merchak @StefMerchak Resonate
  • ‘Transitions’ by Moxy Martinez @MoxyMartinez via @Modularfield Resonate
  • ‘Real’ by Mr Moore @KurtMoore45 via @CMMGRecords Resonate
  • ‘A-Hole’ by She Makes War @SheMakesWar Resonate
  • ‘Planeto De Mortuorum Part i’ by Monzen Nakacho @Mnakacho Resonate

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So great to hear She Makes War again, and Steph Merchak in this list of ace tunes!