Featured artists and labels update needed

Hey @Curators and everyone else in the community… we need to update the artists on our homepage and also the artists + labels featured in the app.

Would everyone please submit their artist names (and ideally profile ID) here so we can get those updated ASAP? Been too long since we’ve had an update!

I’ll start with suggesting Proc Fiskal, as he’s got a new EP on hyperdub out today:


:wave:t4: Im fairly new on here.

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Hi all :slight_smile: I feel very grateful to be part of this distinctive community of alternative musicians. :headphones: My new album is here

New here! Slowly uploading my self-released tracks.

I shared in a previous post (august) some artists I liked. It’s been a while since featured artists have been updated.

CCing @robthomas @RobertaFidora @richjensen and @terry on their recommendations for artists and labels in the featured section in the player. Augustin has a big release coming this week and would like to have an update for featured artists included in that release. :slight_smile: :heart:

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The new Barker release! https://beta.resonate.is/artists/10710

Sovereign Nation was a new find for me on the player :slight_smile: https://beta.resonate.is/artists/10512


I’m gonna suggest Xin’s release https://beta.resonate.is/artists/6058 on Subtext https://beta.resonate.is/labels/4527

“Crrrash!” is pretty phenomenal :tornado:


Just got our LPs up, very happy to be here!


here is my artist name: Kritzkom

I am on Resonate for some time but new on the community! (thanks Peter).



Thanks for starting this thread!
I got by Quisol for music, that’s also my last name :slight_smile:

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