Featured artists + labels page

Want to make this a community decision as well. We should be changing out the featured artists weekly, but I often get so bogged down with other tasks that I forget to keep track of who should go up.

So lets make this a group decision! Basic parameters:

  • always diverse (race, gender, genre)
  • mix of established vs up+coming
  • categories – artists, bands, labels

Process is simple… just add your names and the artist or label ID number. Once complete, someone can tag @auggod for updating the lists! :slight_smile:

Hey! Think it would be cool if Donny Murakami were thrown up there. :slight_smile:

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Is he the artist you’re working with? :wink:

Haha! Maybe :sweat_smile:

Duval Timothy’s ‘2 Sim EP’. https://beta.resonate.is/tracks/11726

Is there some periodicity to this? A day the week begins?

I noticed this feature and didn’t realize it was curated. I thought the picks were randomly generated. Might be good to let users know that. I think being fussy about curatorial details / sourcing will help establish the site’s unique value and identity.


The text on the lower right was meant as a hint that the artists listed were curated. Open to changing that if it helps communicate the idea better.

That works. :smile: Mighta missed it before.

A clear day of the week for it would be good.
Also for our genuinely new releases (as opposed to back catalogue) that are coming out on a Friday it would be good to tag them on social with #newmusicfriday, to show we’ve got some of the good stuff… and are joining in the new release conversations
Especially the new Burial EP this week!!!
And it should encourage people to get new releases up in a timely way