Featuring, curation, & promotion

As a user, I want it to be knowable why a particular artist was featured, whether chosen by a particular person, through a process, etc.

As a user, I want “underrepresented” parts of the catalog to be boosted/highlighted on the platform.

@agaitaarino: “Yes, I’m very much in favor of promoting underrepresented everything, including “in our catalog”, for fundamental as well as for practical reasons. I think this is a priority, not just a good thing.”

@CPacaud: I’d like to know this is being handled by a team that has a wide range of tastes. Maybe if the “author” of the pick is shown, with a small writeup on their part on why they chose this artist, would allow people to “follow” specific curators according to their tastes, and know where to look when they want to go outside their comfort zone.

@CPacaud: To follow-up on the curators aspect I was talking about earlier, alternative idea to integrating the artist’s bio : put up a writeup from the curator on the artist instead. Or a quote from an interview. Or an original interview. Foster the feeling that this is more than just an algorithm picking random artists from a library of files - that it’s humans sharing their love of music, and discussing about it like two people sitting at a party/bar/place chatting up about what they like. And keep those tidbits (esp. if they’re content made for/by Resonate) on the artists’ pages forever afterwards - slowly building over time.

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