Finance Team Group - how do I create topics and posts?

Thank you for creating the Finance team group!

How do I create topics and start posting please?

Topics: Finance Meetings, Fundraising, Compliance

Many thanks!


“How do I create topics and start posting please?”

The way you’ve posted here in Help Desk is the same way you can create new topics anywhere in the forum – so you’re nearly there! :slight_smile:

To post in different areas in the forum – Platform, Finance, Help Desk etc – look along the column to the left on desktop view. (On mobile, these links are found in the “hamburger menu” found at the bottom left.)

You can get to Finance easily by scrolling to the bottom of the list. It’s the last one under Teams.

After clicking any link in the sidebar, you’ll find yourself looking at all the recent Topics posted in that area.

From that view, you can create a new Topic by clicking the button at the top right:


Hi Sue! I found these tips useful too:


Thanks Hakanto!