First-time listening experience

Three things I would like to highlight:

  1. it seems like there are two consent popovers appearing simultaneously. this is a bit confusing.

  1. after clicking ‘I allow’ on the usage data, there is another popover asking to continue. I have never seen this anywhere, I’d suggest this is somewhat overusing modal dialogues: better to just have one, or make it a more integral part of the player (as opposed to popover).

  1. After entering my credentials on the login page, it shows a message but doesn’t indicate if there is an issue or not, just asks to try again. This doesn’t seem to change, so after trying a few times I wasn’t able to log in. By experimenting, it seems to display this whether the email address is real or not.

There seem to be some Javascript errors saying ‘unauthorized’. I’m not sure if my membership hasn’t kicked in or something.

Any suggestions for what might be preventing me from logging in?


This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but are you using an ad blocker? I’ve had trouble on other sites with JavaScript logins and had to turn my adblocker off for it to work - it’s not just ads that get blocked!

Could be taking you down the wrong road, but perhaps worth eliminating.


@auggod When you have some time to look into this, it would be greatly appreciated. Log in issues seem to be a consistent roadblock to folks getting setup at Resonate, whether as listeners, uploaders or joining the forum.

Are these issues that can be fixed time efficiently within our current infrastructure, or should we prioritize a development project to get onto the new ID server and fix the issues that way? Any suggestions you or @Nick_M have on this would be helpful.

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CSP warning is irelevant to the login issue. Some pages are missing are note allowing a specific script but easily fixable and not a problem here.


I can confirm the auth system is currently operating normally.

The sync system is running every minute. (new signups, password resets)

Remaining issue is password compat. If you use a password manager like Last Pass. Make sure it does not use characters like ’ or ". We accept characters such as # or %.

Unfortunately passwords generated with wordpress don’t always work with the player. The password check algorithm we use with the player differs with wordpress.h

As we get more signups, we get more reports for this problem…

There’s also a bug that prevents the help text to appear 'Please avoid non alphanumeric characters, especially double quotes ’

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There’s also no working validation on wordpress for maxlength it seems.

Can this be increased to 10 - 15 secs?

No, it’s already a bad idea to run it every minute. When it crashes, it’s a nightmare. The minimum allowed by the system is 1 minute unless use something else using node or golang.


Thank you for teaching this.

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@theargentgrub this is a good question. I tried in a Chrome private tab (no extensions allowed there) and the same thing happened.

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I noticed that when logging into the profile site, there was an invalid password error, so perhaps my password manager had somehow saved the wrong one, which is strange because I think I auto-filled in that info successfully before.

After resetting my password I was able to login to both spaces. I hope this was just my error and not actually a technical issue. FYI, my passwords always include some kind of special character, and the one I chose seems to work here without issue. I would recommend allowing all characters as the password should be stored as a hashed string anyway.

So, apologies if this was just my error. I will try listening to some music now…


Your experience sounds eerily like one I had recently (Uploader Account not able to log into Dashboard). I didn’t mention it there, but I also use a password manager.

If there are limitations/requirements for passwords, those should be clearly stipulated on the sign-up user interface.


I feel like this is something we should make explicit to the user. If the user has to wait 60 seconds for things to work as expected then there should be a countdown clock, a 60 second video, a survey that takes 60 seconds to complete, something.

How things are handled now sends new users into debug mode, into a loop of “i must have forgotten my pw” → reset pw → have to wait an additional 60 seconds, or to a support request.

Aside from some issues with special characters in password, if the user just did nothing for 60 seconds after creating account it seems like they would have no issue logging in.

The help-text 60 second counter could say something like

“Welcome to Resonate! We home you enjoy your stay :musical_note:. We are in the middle of migrating systems, please wait 60 seconds for your information to be automatically migrated.”


Has this been set as a github issue?

We can add more flags to the current wordpress signup form.


Hey @auggod @boopboop @jackhajb is it possible that folks’ login issues on the player are due to folks rejecting cookies on the initial prompt? In my experience using the uploader on, if you do this it will make it impossible to log in. Perhaps this is the same issue

We found out there was a misconfiguration in the website join form. The password would not be set unless you did a password reset. It’s not something that I had expected. Confused.


Yooooo, amazing work getting this figured out :raised_hands:t4:

We had password less signups for some time but then we added the passwords fields back.