Force hashtag-style format for genre tags

@hakanto: “For something to be a metadata “tag”, it would likely be way clearer to force it to be a single word like #alternativehiphop or #alternativerap

futuremodern: “do delimiter-stripped hashtags. it would be sick if like instagram you could see how many other times your hashtag came up so people naturally sort into the highest ones for the idea they’re going for. it also would be cool if listeners could tag genre but that may be a step further out.”

@terry: FYI Soundcloud allows custom tagging as well as having widely used tags available. Some platforms use drop down menus eg BBC uploader, with a limited selection. Very hard as an artist. Spotify have initial limited genre choices that then open up clouds of sub-genre pre-sets that still may not be appropriate."

@auggod: “An optional tag ‘type’ is defined [in the new User API]. We could provide an UI with a list of tags (type:genre) to choose from.”

“The new search system is now able to find tags even if they are written differently.”