Forum: Broken links in Category headers?

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Thanks for the report!

This seems to be an issue with the plugin we use for these, @Hakanto created an issue here Links in banners are not displaying correctly · Issue #2 · paviliondev/advanced-category-banners · GitHub


Okay so a little report-back.

This has been low-key fixed and I wonder what people think about it.

We just disabled both plugins and I think it looks pretty good, but the problem is that a couple of our categories don’t have images, which means that the header doesn’t show.

So we can either:

  1. Fix our theme so that it looks good with the component discourse plugin


  1. Just add images to all the categories so that the header description shows up



Does images mean emojis or do we have to upload images? Either way for now at least I’d support the lower tech effort so that we can allocate the much-needed energy elsewhere. So that’d be 2 just add images to all categories. Just out of curiosity though, what was the plugin adding that we wouldn’t have without it?

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We do have to upload images, which means we have to find some images to represent those subcategories. But also I’m not sure it’s that important. Where did we get the original icons from @Hakanto ?

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I got the images somewhere online; don’t remember exactly. Would be fun to make our own custom icon images at some point.

I support sticking with the new default setup and tweaking it however necessary. Reasons being:

We may want to re-size/adjust the category images anyway, since they are used on the Category Overview page (which could use some TLC).

The new setup is the discourse standard, so I expect it to be easier to maintain going forward.

Any buttons we previously had in the Advanced Category Headers can be reworked pretty well as links in the category descriptions at the top of categories. This actually is better than the buttons imo, which tended to duplicate links already in the descriptions and take more work to update.

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Solution looks great (on my old android laptop!) Thank you.

As a datapoint, @psi can you estimate how much of your time and attention was required to produce this result?

Probably around 15-30 minutes?

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Same here. Round 15-30 mins

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