Forum Governance Charter Meetups (twice every weekend)

How should this community forum be governed? How should it grow? What is its function?

Members are meeting each weekend at two times twelve hours apart in an effort to be accessible to participants from all around the world.

The times are SAT 12:00 GMT - Hosted by @onapoli (The A-Side Meting) and SUN 00:00 GMT hosted by @cosmichighness (The B-Side Meeting).

Meetings take place here ===>

The latest version of the notes : Governance Circle Session notes

Drop by the meeting time that works for you!

Sample Local times:
SAT - 7am or 7pm US East Coast
SAT - 4am or 4pm US Pacific Coast
SAT - 9pm or SUN 9am Korea
SAT - 11pm or SUN 11am Melbourne
SAT - 5:30pm or SUN 5:30am Mumbai

Current Agenda includes:
Completing a draft Charter: Example (blank)
Brainstorming about Forum features
Forum governance policy

From the notes:

Good examples of Forum-type navigation:
(Models suggested for our Forum)

  1. Loomio ‘How to Edit Help
  2. Rust Language Governance Resources


Pinging @onapoli @Nick_M @KallieMarie @datafruits @Hakanto @cosmichighness @Sam_Martyn And ANYONE that wants to meet folks in the co-op and/or work toward making this forum better.


Hey all,

I’ll be hosting open calls about co-op and forum governance at this location:
Two calls, twelve hours apart.
Saturday at 12:00 and 23:59 GMT (UK).

Come through! It’ll be great to see you.


The first meeting started a few moments ago. If anybody wants to join just click the jitsi link!


@cosmichighness @KallieMarie @brndnkng @tamimulcahy Check out the top of this thread.

Basecamp?.. Let’s use forum instead for governance:

Personally I’d rather be using our forum chat than Basecamp because it’s:

  • Better
  • Open source
  • hosted on our infrastructure: private, green power
  • complies with EU GDPR chapter 5

Here is a nice piece on how chat integration can complement a forum nicely…


Really good article, Nick. The “must reads” at the bottom look good too – just read one and thought it was excellent, especially in regards to creating a better sense of which communication tools suit which situations, and what they foster.

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Found this Kanban theme for Discourse…

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I was in a session all day! Sorry I missed this.


Notes to Current Session: Forum Governance Circle Notes - 21 Nov 2020 - مستندات Google

Click this link to join the conversation:

I’ll be poppin in for a moment in 15mins; busy night but gonna come say hi for a sec and share a forum idea that’s been in my head

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Today at 12:00 GMT there will be a new session of the Forum Governance Circle at .

I will be ‘hosting’ the space for the first time, and it will be a great opportunity for any member of the community to participate and meet other members. The main objective of these sessions is to discuss about the Resonate forum and community, and also about anything related to Resonate and music in general. I will be present until 13:00 GMT. Everyone is welcome!


I’ll be there for B-Side starting in 15mins

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Here is a snapshot of the raw notes of the A-Side and B-Side meetings over the last 3 weeks:




Meetings are convening weekly on Saturdays at Noon and Midnight (Technically Sunday) GMT


November 28 - 12:00 GMT “A-Side Meeting” (naming convention in place until discontinued)

Omar and Rich

Omar has committed to facilitating meetings though Jan 23 (?)

Starting with defining the charter: (revising from notes of Nov 14 below)

November 29 - 00:00 GMT “B-Side Meeting” (Jonny @CosmicHighness) has committed to facilitating meetings through Jan 23(?)

Rich / Hakanto / Sam / Jonny

Jonny opens.

Rich theory of governance circle

Participation depends on What kind of time commitment do people have?

Notes from the chat. During the meeting.


Draft Charter Template Doc


Sam Martyn

getting setup now


btw… I’m trying to take notes on the notes page…


different people have different behaviors

h- when you are new it is hard to know what the tone of the space is

the value of a greeter




Sociocracy - safe enough to try

r- pitching the experimental culture

h - pitching a culture where even if people don’t agree, they can figure out something worth trying

about fostering experiences

bc experiences create stories that allow people to learn together

j - I’m into trying things instead of theorizing

there can be unlikely outcomes (pro)

s - be thoughtful about governance language. try to cover all the contingencies but keep it simple in everyday language.

Get the charter filled in and work at improving.

pitching the idea of getting the minimum viable statement out there… and adapt.

Question. How important is the forum?

Make sure that we are being efficient with our time.

H- What impact would there be on Resonate if there was no forum?

S - maybe they build community a different way? What do they want to use?




R - tells a story about the forum…

the old chat space… peter open the forum… basecamp…

we can have different spaces for different people

different functions…

r - it’s about design…

sam - three biggest things… developing the platform… funding… coordinate the work…

Operations meeting… 8am Monday.

H - Interested in Co-op

People don’t know what a co-op is.

I don’t think it is anyone’s responsibility to do all the research. Doesn’t fit with some people’s personality types. Co-op should be educating.

Interested in co-op’s because they are not charities.

can decide to be a conventional business. but it is up to the co-op to decide how to run.

management is accountable to the participants.

H - method of extending time…concept of ‘ante up’.

Be precise about the time. Not just staying longer.


S - Looking at Basecamp… see accountability… embrace failure…

The right questions can get the conversation going.


  1. Review Charter Draft:


Objectives: (For Community Forum Governance Circle)

Governance Task: (High-level purpose draft for Co-op as a whole.)

Create, maintain and articulate the location, purpose, standards of behavior and decision-making methods for Resonate co-op spaces.

Forum Governance Circle Objective: (High-level purpose draft for forum.)

Establish, maintain and articulate the location, purpose, standards of behavior and decision-making methods for the Resonate Community Forum, ie

Listening is active not passive.

The Community Forum Governance Circle (CFGC) should:

Maintain and cultivate clear statements of purpose and goals for the Forum.

Provide shared representative space for developing designs for the Forum that make being in the forum a good experience

Governance Circle should make sure that Forum processes are working (See experimental method below)

The CF should have a Welcoming Purpose

  • The Forum should provide easy orientation to whole design of the coop

  • A place to accommodate work

  • Clarifying expectations for participation

The CFGC should be the accountable vehicle for members and CF Stakeholders to: make sure the forum governance processes are transparent and intentional - “explaining the why.”

The Establish policy / Strategy - important precedents - Review Terms and Conditions

The two hosts are striving to maintain a common thread for folks to grab on to.

Method: Managing sequences of experiments

Objective proposal for Draft Charter:

Propose and control forum features and gain feedback from community members

Streams and Roles:

Method: Rich pitches concept for convening twinned or alternating Circle meetings scheduled approximately twelve hours apart to accommodate two host teams (Provisionally called ‘The A-side and the B-side” convening twin meetings to cover Four Hosts handling alternating weeks to convene circle meetings.

Meetings twinned. twelve hours apart to serve whole planet waking hours.

ROLE A: Commit to hosting regular meetups, they maintain a common thread of orienting information for people to work off of, with a particular focus on the international nature of Resonate’s work; tending the soil for growth; nursery gardener looking for sprouts

ROLE B: Helper

paired Host Quartet

Scope & Constraints:

Like an experiment.

With review dates.

What is the final vision for the forum. Rich tells a story about a future where there is no specific geographical bias. Not Western Europe not Anglophone.

How We Work:

As a series of experiments safe enough to try.

An Experiment requires a plan, a commitment to practice for a time, a commitment to review and evaluate.

By engagement we create experience from which best practices can emerge.

Maximum people’s freedom, initiative, and creativity – by making it clear what’s out-of-bounds – make it specific – how do you lose the job - defined endpoints.

A thread

International meetings

Key Stakeholders:


Key Tasks & Deliverables:

What brings someone to a forum:

  • The conversations, the care, the people, the respect. Good writing.
  • Connections, shared insight and information, passing on knowledge
  • Learning new things
  • A clear theme – everyone’s there for a specific reason that connects you
  • Like-minded vision

“What are you committing to?”

November 21 - Meeting Notes

1200 GMT - Omar / Rich


Supporting Hakanto’s Welcoming Kit notes

Omar will to be considered as a facilitating member of the GMT NOON Governance Circle // Rich - offers to an initial alternate

Define roles of Facilitating Member(s) and Alternate(s)

(Jonny Wolf is considering becoming first Facilitating Member of NIGHT Forum Governance Circle with Rich as initial Alternate)

Through 3rd of January. Which would be a time for re-evaluation and perhaps setting terms for another experimental interval. (Series of experiments concept from Hakanto).

Notes for NIGHT meeting:

Rich: I really like the idea of having teams that are built around the idea of some member working while others are sleeping. So I have tried to bring this to the design of this circle

We like Plant metaphors for the forum:

Tending, Gardening, Cultivating, production under certain amount of self-regulation, (co-regulation) life-cycles coming from the system itself. (Rich reflects on Hakanto’s concept of the Spirit Captain from Bandarr.)

Goals for Forum:


Goals for this meeting:

Fit words into the topics for the charter.

Start that activity by 4:45.

Hakanto has an idea:

Noticed… Engagement comes from a question, or proposal or pitch. People aren’t starting threads. Also, spaces aren’t defined. Think it would be interesting to say: you are free to start a category on the forum, but you have to commit to posting a question at least weekly in the space. Rule: a Category is valid if there is a minimum thresh-hold of activity. Move from Active to Inactive. H- Offers ‘Garden’ as metaphor. Gardens need a Gardener.

H - Thinking we should beware of offering Categories from the top down. Categories should follow engagement.

Publish a methodology for opening new Categories.

Rich: Question: What should we do about old Categories right now?

Future Meetings:

Have a clear agenda/objective to the meeting.

(Consideration of the creative benefits of meetings without structure or that have ‘open’ time designed into the program.)

Setting rules or procedures to creating documentation relating to Meeting Notes:

Should be a scribe keeping notes.

Clear statement of location of previous documents and working policies.

Settling time frame for facilitators commitment and review of Governance Circle processes.

November 14 2020

1200 - 1400 GMT

Meeting Notes:

Omar - Madrid / Rich - Seattle / Nick - Brighton

Meeting Session 2

Hakanto - Houston / Rich - Seattle / Jonny - Olympia

Describe embodiment. A component of being human-centric.

Story-telling. The history of the forum. The future of the forum. The purpose of the meeting. To set up a representative governance circle to design the forum, problem-solving within the forum

What are forum goals?


  1. Review Charter:


Objectives: (For circle)

Governance Task:

Create, maintain and articulate the location and purpose of co-op spaces.

Listening is active not passive.

The Governance Circle should:

Maintain and cultivate clear statements of purpose and goals for the Forum.

Provide shared representative space for developing designs for the Forum

Make being in the forum a good experience

Governance Circle should make sure that Foum processes are working

Welcoming Purpose

  • The Forum should provide easy orientation to whole design of the coop

  • A place to accommodate work

  • Clarifying expectations for participation

Making sure the forum governance process are transparent and intentional - explaining the why.

Establish policy / Strategy - important precedents - Review Terms and Conditions

The two hosts are striving to maintain a common thread for folks to grab on to.

Managing experiments

  1. Gather Ideas for Forum:
  • Signal LIVE meetings in Forum when Co-operators are together to encourage others to join.
  • Have frequent OPEN ROOMS for Co-operators.
  • Good FAQ for orientation
  • Signal when people join forum
  • Encourage people to breakthrough and topics.
  • Discuss changes related to Community Credentials
  • Look at other Governance Charters. Example linked.
  • Look at how Loomio handles editing their Help Manual (integrated with github via Hugo)
  • Have “Here’s where everything is going on” place.
  • concept Three Circles
  • Move more Basecamp into Forum
  • Need FORUM tips: When you post something complicated
  • Loomio - Dan Connolly… WIKI - Github?
  • HOW TO USE THIS FORUM Have narratives about usage
  • Look at Hugo. Moderator / Editor role.
  • Open Team Coordination - Good example: Governance - Rust Programming Language
  • EU Teams eSSIF-lab uses github
  • Curator FAQ
  • Nick pitches a publishing/approval schedule
  • Look at environments (Basecamp/Github/Discourse) and consider moving staying in Q4 2021
  1. Consider Next steps

Rich - will finish Twin Meeting concept pitch

  • coordinate with Omar and Jonny for Nov 22 meetings.

Rich offers expectation that Charter Draft can be completed by next week’s meeting

Posting this as it seems to connect well and inform the Governance Circle conversation last Saturday. Outlines the Co-op’s working business case and method as well as describing the Co-op’s intentions for hacking the technology that supports this Discourse forum to provide a Verifiable Credentials service that can be used to connect Member services across co-operative communities. @Sam_Martyn Credit to @Nick_M for driving this documentation.