Forum Governance Charter Meetups (twice every weekend)

Today’s A-Side Notes were about documenting the routine a ForGov Meeting Facilitator would take to set up the meeting, make announcements, archive prior session notes and get new session notes ready for the session.

Dec 19 - 12 GMT “A - Side Meeting”

Omar and Rich Present;

Discuss the significance of the Forum Governance Circle (“ForGov Circle”?) in preparations for the AGM voting.

Mention the significance of Documentation - always needed - a good place to point volunteer labor.

Mention need to prepare a list of basic tasks for the role of Facilitator of GovCircle Meetings
Announce one day in advance the time of the session meeting in the Forum thread of the ForGov meetings and in the respective Basecamp Resonte HQ Message thread and Campfire.
Get Notes ready for beginning of meeting
Register into GoogleDocs (where notes are currently held - may change in future - etherpad?)
Copy prior notes as archive
Make sure document is SHARED TO PUBLIC
Rename current copy of notes with current date
Update the ‘Prior Session Notes’ link at the top of the notes
Close Archive copy
Open Chat room for ForGov meeting
Post link to current notes in ForGov meeting chat
[Comment] Notes could be always open for revision, addition and review by any member. Open until the beginning of the next meeting when the notes are archived.

I’ll be there in 5-10 :beers:

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A-side session in 1 hour!

Main session topic: Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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One of the reasons I started volunteering at Resonate was not only because I saw Resonate as an awesome opportunity to build a fairer music streaming platform, but I also hoped that Resonate could eventually become a place where creatives could have a lot of business opportunities, and educational opportunities around entrepreneurship, that would help them turn their craft into their primary source of income.

With that being said, **my startup company Amplify - Innovation & Entrepreneurship ( recently created two virtual entrepreneur workshops, and I was wondering if it would be appropriate to post the flyer and promo codes for them as a topic in one of the categories on the forum?

I want to respect the integrity of this awesome community, but I also believe that these workshops could help creatives better understand their personal value to the world, so that they could use this newly found value to drive more income into their pockets, so I just wanted to make this post in forum governance real quick, to ask people’s opinion on if it would be okay for me to drop a link, or if I should save this post for other outlets instead?

The virtual entrepreneurship workshops are set to start on Monday of next week, but I am interested in hearing everyone’s thoughts on this, and will respect your opinions before doing anything further.

Thank you,

  • Sam Martyn

Sounds cool to me. Curious what others think.

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In my opinion is very interesting, and sounds cool to me too!

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@Sam_Martyn I can see how it could be healthy to have a ‘marketplace’ zone in this forum where independent vendors and projects could offer goods and services like yours.

If that were evolve as a policy I think it would be helpful for forum visitors to have clear notice that:

  • such vendors are wholly responsible for the offers they make
  • they are their offers are not affiliated with or endorsed by the Co-op
  • the Co-op cannot be held liable for any claims lodged against vendors or their offers.

Does that sound reasonable? Do Members here have other policy ideas?

Perhaps we could set an experimental trial period - 3 Months? And then support a Member review process?

(Cross-posted from Entrepreneurial Workshops to Turn Your Craft Into an Income Stream)

I’m here working on Forum Governance for the next hour. Anyone is welcome to drop in. Open agenda!

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I’ve moved this topic to the new Terraforming category. I think having it in Terraforming will encourage related topics to emerge on forum and goverance themes (and in a dedicated space), whereas currently most topics on those themes get buried over time in the very broad Community Conversations category.

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Checking in at

Working to complete charter draft document for community consideration.

Neither @cosmichighness nor I will be available for today’s B-side meeting. (4pm Pacific). See you next week!

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Today at B-Side, @tamimulcahy and I worked on clarifying Resonate’s various projects and service areas.


Was some writing generated?

Here’s the etherpad: Resonate Q1!

To anyone unfamiliar with etherpad, it is an open writing tool. Anyone who has the link can edit the document. For this document, feel free to add information, but please do not delete information.

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This week’s A session starts in 1 hour!

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Jan 16 Notes

Charter Document Draft

Today’s first session starting in 30 minutes!

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Checking in at