Forum Governance Chat - On Break!

@sarinapl you can read all the propositions and how they evolved over time by clicking on the “proposal C” link. Hope we’ve made it readable enough, but you can just skip to B2 and C right away for a simpler look of where we got after quite a few meeting and discussions with @richjensen @Hakanto @Sam_Martyn, @Nick_M and @tamimulcahy

I hope we’ll be able to move forward from there!


Awesome. I’ve read it over. Speak soon, all!

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Next session 90 minutes 2021-05-08T18:00:00Z2021-05-08T19:30:00Z

Location: .

This weekly meeting is open to anyone who wants to join the work of building governance policies and practices for this Forum. The goal is a framework that gives continually improving service for Members and Stake-holders over time.

Meetings will be capped at 90 minutes unless everyone present agrees to extend. Notes will be taken and shared here. Please share comments in this thread (including alternative times for future meeting sessions to better accommodate your timezone).

Rich is on vacation this weekend, so he won’t be at the forum gov meetup today.

I plan to stop through for about 30mins – if anyone wants to chat, I’ll see you there.

Starts in 20mins!

Today’s session starting shortly(top of the hour)

Open agenda. One hour.


Rolling notes:

Rolling Notes: Etherpad

Hi… this is the Resonate Forum Governance Circle Meet-up for May 22, 2021… Please say hi and drop any questions or agenda items in the chat. We have 60 minutes scheduled for this session. I (rich) am happy to lead but would love to have someone volunteer to facilitate next week. Also, if somebody could volunteer to help make notes in the thread as people speak… that would be great! Suggested Topics: Currently open check-in.

R: Thinking of house-keeping tasks.

  1. Make sure Forum Gov circle notes and action points are well-situated in the new forum structure to make it easy to for interested members to see current issues, decision-making points, structure and history.

  2. Ask how this Governance circle can contribute to the Member’s meeting anticipated ~June 12~ June 26. (Awaiting formal notice from Board).

  3. How can the governance circle contribute to the Service Time Tracking work team/ (First session coming Thursday May 27) 'Collaborators' & Worker Service Time Accounting Workgroup

  4. How can the Governance Circle contribute to the Trust Grant project (ie Community Credentitals implementation.)

At today’s session I plan to look at the topics listed above and any contributions brought by Forum members or posted here. Session length: One Hour.


Rolling notes:

be there in 5. gettin my coffee ready

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Launching governance circle. Come thru! .

Today’s session:

June 26

Session with Kallie Marie

Reviewed and approved test video.

discussed identity requirements and use cases.

Artist-based needs for pseudonymity and secure identity

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Is there a meeting today?

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Launching right now.

Here, I guess I missed it!

Hello All!

I’m on vacation with family and will not be able to make the call today.

This was a big week though for the Coop and Forum as the dev teams presented a working demonstration of our first application of Community Credentials.

I’m going to drop the link here with the request that you not share further as there may still be bugs to work out and dev resources remain limited.

Still, please do check it. And many many thanks to @KallieMarie for volunteering to be the first artist guinea pig in the lab!

Let’s circle back next week to talk about how services like this might be of value to the community and how the Forum can be a productive place to manage work around these kinds of initiatives.


Come through at the top of the hour. Open agenda today. Any topics.

@brndnkng @KallieMarie Here is the link to the Community Credential ‘Use Cases’ list I was looking for at yesterday’s Governance Chat:

Topic Suggestion for July 24 Session.

I’ll try to draft a policy for ‘temporary’ registration in the Forum to accommodate non-members. I’m thinking something like a seven-day allowance that is renewable, perhaps 3 times, each with a pitch to join as a member.

I find inviting folks (prospective workers, partners, members) to the Forum is really useful way to introduce them to the community.

I believe we also want to make at least some areas of the forum publicly accessible, help desk, etc.

Policy around a temporary ‘access pass’ would be helpful.


Joining chat at the top of the hour.


Potential Topics: Community Engagement
Temporary pass policy.


Kallie says:What about Student interns?


me says:Intern outreach.

me says:Consider Community Consulting Grants from Historically and Structurally oppressed communities.


brandon k he|him

brandon k he|him says:

brandon k he|him says:



Kallie says::+1:

Kallie says:There’s Girls Who Code too…


brandon k he|him

brandon k he|him says:making the player work moving to player 7. playlist. (refresh stuff)

brandon k he|him says:angust/ oct :point_up_2:t5:


me says:A relaunch would involve A defined launch date, which we organise people and resources around. My intuition here is that about 3 months from now is realistic (i.e. end of October). Technically speaking we would Turn off Wordpress entirely Launch the new hugo landing website Launch the new player Launch the new identity system Launch the Community Credentials pilot We would probably also seek to coalesce a number of non-technical efforts around this shared goal, including Bringing some parts of the community public (currently it’s invite-only Perhaps launching a newsletter / other communications which we use to convey the narrative of resonate, both around the relaunch and into the future. We would perhaps include a few governance goals in here too if that made sense, including some of the legal or coop process management things we’ve mentioned.



Kallie says:(If you ever need a copy writer for anything public facing ping me.)


me says:Aw… thanks Kallie.


brandon k he|him

brandon k he|him says:nice!


me says:Manifesto Review… making sure it commits the coop to a decolonizing, reparative, practice for healing communities.

me says:Rich look at language this week. Help from brandon and others to offer something to the Board the week following.

@KallieMarie @richjensen I have access to “interns” in a sense. Would be happy to discuss, but they would need a well-defined project to work on.


Working on music for a Monday deadline, so not sure if I can make it today. Might be able to take a break, will try.

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Hello all. Launched room a bit late this am. On a car trip this morning.

Present now.