Framework Session 3: Trying things out!

Hey folks, I’ve been busy so sorry for the short notice. Nevertheless, it’s time for the next framework session! :raised_hands:

This Saturday, we’ll be getting together for some active experimentation with Kielest — a proposed framework for collaboration and transparency at Resonate. A framework really is a kind of game and I invite folks to join this Saturday with that spirit of play.

The rules of the game are in the Kielest Proposal, specifically the section How To Play Kielest.

Once you arrive this Saturday, it will be up to y’all how things go. If you have questions about how something works in Kielest or how to roleplay it together, discuss with each other to figure it out. If y’all get off track I’ll point it out.

During this session, everyone who shows up will be temporarily leaving their existing co-op roles at the door. Hang up those hats for this experiment – a blank canvas!


See y’all soon!


Starting now :sunflower:

Thanks to @piper and @llk for meeting up yesterday! Here’s the recording: Playback

Here’s what I saw as the main outcomes of the call. Y’all add other notes as you like.

  • Need to clarify that there are three types of working groups: Initiatives, Teams, and Collectives
  • Need to clarify the main distinction between Initiatives and Teams as: an Initiative is a managed short-term working group; a Team is a self-managing long-term working group
  • Need to clarify that while an Initiative can become a Team, this is optional and the decision can only be made by those in the Initiative
  • We need a different term for the “Team” working group which emphasizes its self-managing and self-organizing structure
  • We need to emphasize the importance of the Pilot Board in the framework