Fundraising Session

peace everyone,

here’s a link to the loose notes from our meeting last week.

i also wanted give everyone an update that our call times have changed to Wednesdays 2022-05-18T17:00:00Z2022-05-18T18:30:00Z → link here → Jitsi Meet (this change in time is also reflected in our calendar)

we’re starting a membership drive this week and will be adding to the document @Sam_Martyn created which is here: Resonate Membership Drive Game Plan - Google Docs providing clarity on the vision and scope of our drive while also creating pathways for people to support.

i’ve also changed the name from “Fundraising Team” to “Fundraising Session” in an attempt to encourage anyone reading this to join. knowing that these meetings are not with a pre-set team per say, but an open space where members can engage. feel like “Fundraising Session” speaks more to this function than “Team” does.

but yeah, please join us this upcoming wednesday if you can make time?

looking forward to connecting!

cc: @Sam_Martyn @richjensen @ode12 @boopboop


Cool. Makes sense. Also, Sessions still need co-ordinators, right? Ideally set in advance (Usually at the prior meeting?) Also, good to maintain rolling notes.

(Big fan of ‘sessions’ as a descriptor of a working event. Connotations of improvised music.)

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Short session today with @Sam_Martyn @ode12.


Sam Martyn says:Potential Logo and Branding Files (may be older) - Logo + wordmark, Brand guide, Files

diane e

Sam Martyn says:Sam’s Folder for Resonate Logos an Branding - Logos & Branding – Google Drive

Sam Martyn says:membership drive game plan doc: Resonate Membership Drive Game Plan - Google Docs

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Updated Notes:
@brndnkng @ode12 @Sam_Martyn attending

Sharing social posts with CAKE / Tommy, brandon felt like things were not ready but shared what we have.

Felt like some of the items were too corporate. b focused on messages about joining co-op.


  • Move social media to shared google - Sam will move to a google folder.

  • Open topic in Forum with clear instructions for using social media graphics -

  • brandon: going to post on Monday… launch of membership drive… supported by Diane.

Important policy/strategy conversation about accessibility to tools and recognizing different community’s conventions around tool sets.

  • Case in point: Figma as a professional standard presents learning curve for non-expert users. How does Co-op manage to support a plurality of tool sets?

  • Parallels to project management discussion: Zen-hub, Trello, Forum, Github?

Plurality calls out labor/design need to

  • make bridges between tool environments
  • provide education to make tool capacity more accesible
  • manage version control of updates revisions to resources
  • manage editorial policy around plurality v. singularity of voice

Long-term need to establish coordination around communication.

Links from chat

Resonate Membership Drive Game Plan Doc

Session notes

Messaging for Resonate

Figma Images

open access social media folder on google drive/resonate/

Sam Martyn says: can you make comments on cryptpad?

Rich says: You can make comments in documents, not images

me says:Rich to post to Social Media cooker… update discussion


peace everyone,

check out the notes from our meeting today.

present - @Sam_Martyn , @ode12, @brndnkng

action steps: brandon will reach out to Z re: meeting with social media crew to gain clarity on esthetic/logic of making social media posts for resonate

brandon will reach out to CAKE to see if they can meet with us next wednesday at 1pm EST or next friday 1pm EST

brandon will re-share instagram post re: persynal resonate exec announcement friday

Sam will create language for open collective wrap up social media posts and share in the forum for feedback

diane - creating a workspace group for campaigns and social media /in the group (closed?) add ppl. have Z’s outline of what to be mindful of of language delivery, color code(s), time period for people tagged to review (24hrs) before posting publically.

re: linking w/ Z - we need to understand logic moreso than template… we could expand logic… and be comfortable that the intention and care is still there

Sam Martyn says:
Closing Out open Collective Piece potential Wording ^
Forum Organization:


Are we still having these meetings?

I know people’s schedules have been getting busy as of late, and I forgot about the one today, so just wanted to check-in.

I think we’re good without them for now if people are still busy, and we can always just communicate via this thread too if anything comes up.

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It appears these meetings are not active. Shall I remove the event from the calendar?

I am good with that.


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