Future of Art Events

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This is my first post in the community and not %100 sure if it’s the best category to post to.

We’d like to initiate a couple of concepts(better visible on the second link below) on the research to observe the impact of demand-side-initiated scenarios (aka. demand-augmentation).

There are quite a lot motivations, and will probably keep it this way all along, while making the sub/pilot projects more solid in time.

As part of this demand-augmentation, hope is to use the time-ahead-period (aka. demand-on-air) to collect demands, that are relatively defined by the audiences.

For that, we’ve proposed a quick solution and sent to streaming providers: “demand-(event)-upon-stream”. Roughly, something like this: Event UpOnStream for Future, Made - YouTube

As is, we have such time. And musicians mostly making the money from their performances, even if we consider unfair practices of most of the streaming platforms and promoters.

In the long run, it is to incentivise making it possible for people to go beyond what songKick, bandsInTown and show4me is currently offering: a limited/curtailed interaction with artists/bands; where it’s not clear what’s the impact of their interest for an event.

It’s still a work in progress and we’d like to cooperate with community here to design the artists’ side (initially designs are made within audience side).

For a future, made by and for all:

(content in the above is still context-switchy and even farfetched to some, hence preparing something simpler as below, reserving rebellious content to a standalone manifestation),



Future, Made.
“The Offset Movement”

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could you add some audio or a flow chart of what’s happening? The video doesn’t tell me anything except that the user can view something that looks like a track then has the choice of pressing some options, but not what the options mean.