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I would love it if I got a Resonate version of Spotify Wrapped 4 times a year that included a summarized breakdown of which artists I sent the most money to.

As @LLK and @Sam_Martyn said, to see very tangibly where your money is going – having the exact numbers right there showing you that it is going to specific artists you love and not into some financial black box – that’s powerful.

As consumers, we’re accustomed to ask “where” is our money going, which is a bit abstract. Being able to answer that question with a “who” is genuinely radical.


Oh yes! Wonderful idea. :heart:

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Oh yea! Just like artists should have a dashboard to review their metrics and everything, listeners should have a dashboard as well! REAL TIME data to let people know where their money is going, who they’re listening to, what genres, etc. Probably similar to basically everything that Spotify collects already, but also put in front of your face, so you can be informed as well.

Then you could get a monthly and/or annual summary email on top of that too, just to put things into perspective. A lot of it would probably be just fun for people to follow their listening habits and things, but it will also let people decide how they want to use their data to inform their listening.


Oh interesting! Yes, perhaps. Lots of nuances we need to dig into with these!

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Gamification might be a great community tool, as well as exposure. Some ideas:
Could users earn tokens for sharing or recommending to other users?
Do users get to make playlists? Have we talked about this yet? If so how does this impact both credits/tokens and potential for more gamification?
Can users gift tokens to other users?
Are there Easter eggs that are hidden tokens-thusly sending users on unique experiences, which artists could hide for them? (I have HUGE ideas about this… involving lots of things. I am going to hold it under my hat until we as a community are more set up with some of these things.)
There is a lot of potential to do creative things with tokens and gamification and that might be something people could really have fun with.


Yes! Some really awesome ideas here, and I like the way you are thinking @KallieMarie!

We have mentioned a few of these things in the past, especially as it relates to playlists, as @Hakanto mentioned are in the new version of the Resonate Player, and I believe @RobertaFidora has also mentioned a rewards system for sharing Resonate with others and helping the co-op spread the word to help us grow.

Although talked about, I believe these have all been things put on hold for now, until we can finalize our new system work that our Resonate developers have been working extremely hard on the past handful of months, so I appreciate your patience and mention of “holding things under your hat” until we can start to have specific conversations about how some of these awesome ideas can be brought to life at Resonate.

This will definitely be an exciting thing to tackle, and I also hope that if we “gamify” things correctly, it will help Resonate more efficiently bridge the gap between what people currently pay for music, and what they could pay, in order for artists to receive a reasonable income for their craft.

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