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@Hakanto Please share your upcoming… thanks!

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Played a casual live show recently from my home via Youtube for the Esperanto USA conference. The stream was saved to Youtube, but unfortunately the volume level is oddly quiet compared to the stream itself. So, if you have any way on your computer or speakers to amplify the volume, I recommend it!

It’s about 41 minutes of original music, and all in Esperanto. Many of these songs have English “versions” as well, but over time the English and Esperanto versions of the same song have diverged a bit and end up expressing different things.:sparkles:

I’m still in the writing phase for this album and have been for a long time, so for now there isn’t anywhere to hear more polished recordings. But, I dearly look forward to my music on Resonate someday.

Here’s an Esperanto section from my song Ventago (15:45), with a rough English translation below (this song doesn’t have a direct English version).

Ĝi klinas min kiel herbon
Frotato de la vetero
vetura ĉien

la ĉirkaŭmuroj degelus
La ŝtonoj dise metiĝus
Al ter’ denove

O, kial vin mi evitus
For de sun’ subkovriliĝus
Por daŭri same

English rough translation:

Look, it bends me like it bends the grass
One caressed by the weather
as it travels everywhere

If the surrounding walls would melt
the stones scattered would be placed back to earth again

Warmth, oh why would I avoid you
Away from the sun, covering myself
in order to stay the same


Thought you were joking when you said you knew Esperanto hahah
Enjoyed the multi-instrumental performance!


Thank you so much for watching! And yeah, knowing Esperanto tends to surprise people. :blush: Discovered it about 5 years ago, and since then have passed the C1 level CEFR exam for it :tada::trophy: It’s become a really special part of my life.

The name Hakanto is an Esperanto word – means “one who is chopping”.

And by way, that final song is the extent of everything I can do on guitar hahaha, and the only reason I can play it is caus I made it up

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Just discovering your stuff :heart_eyes:


This is crazy! I’ve heard you mention Esperanto before, but I finally decided to look more into it, and it sounds awesome!

On top of that, also just discovering your work now and my mind is blown! Not only creating beautiful music, but in a learned language, what!?! Haha.

Great work, and keep us posted as your album progresses. Would love to hear more!

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