Governance Committee (inactive)

A committee launched by the Board on August 17th, 2021.

Description and title updated Sep 16th, to go to the Board for approval.


The regular participation of at least 3 board members is expected. A co-op member may participate by invitation of any board member.



The committee will propose policy agreements that go to Board meetings for approval.

  • To identify tasks, roles, accountability processes
  • To propose definitions, terms, responsibilities, and review processes for the board’s officer roles
  • What is the relationship between hiring and electing roles?
  • Explore moving to an Executive Team model and to define the potential relationship between the Board of Directors, Executive Team, and Worker-Members
  • To define quorum standards and decision-making processes for the board in synchronous meetings and asynchronous communication.
  • To propose a revision of Clause 38 in the Rulebook. Now that the board can have up to 13 directors, this section needs to be reworked.
  • To look to the future when directors will be elected directly by membership classes and to explore how to facilitate the transition to that model
  • Instituting a regular schedule of Board meetings
  • Instituting a regular schedule of general meetings (i.e. of all co-op members)
  • Defining lists of responsibilities for executives
  • Clarifying some aspects of the legal structure of the cooperative
  • Implementing monthly operations and artist accounting workflows in the cooperative, with transparent budgeting and planning
  • Revised terms and conditions


Establishment of clear processes and plans to address all of the task items.