Greetings + Feedback

Hello folks, I’m here from the Dual Power App project; Z said there’s a lot of work to be done here so I thought I’d check it out.

The feedback I bring comes from the 12tone Discord, after I floated Resonate while people were griping about Epic Games acquiring Bandcamp. Their main points are that the website is not very user friendly, the stream2own model isn’t presented well, and there are concerns that after a certain point, that model disincentivizes the discovery of new music because the songs you already like and listen to often are free and new songs cost money. They also suggest replicating Bandcamp’s model, in which listening on the website is always free but downloads and listening on the mobile app cost money. They stress that exposure, although it’s often a meme, is ultimately still important for new artists.


Hi @Holobrine, welcome! Thanks for taking time to spread the word and bring feedback here.

On the website front, a new site in in the works which aims to integrate login and make things more user friendly. We are attempting a complicated move off of Wordpress onto our own infrastructure and apis. Any help with QA testing and fixing the bugs which @jackhajb is highlighting would be valuable. Devs who know Golang especially could advise our primary dev @auggod during the migration.

I’m hearing it is valuable if artists had a way to offer free plays on tracks so that artists can better share their music (exposure). Would emulating this feature the way bandcamp does it fulfill the need, where a listener gets a certain number of plays and then is blocked from more?

Would a proposal like this one where artists could set album-level pricing be appealing as a bandcamp-esque feature? We’re aware that the stream-to-own model isn’t ideal for all kinds of music, so these are some of the ideas we’ve been considering.

I’m not sure I get the idea that the model disincentivizes the discovery of new music, at least not in a way which is unique to Resonate. Wouldn’t Bandcamp or buying an album outright create the same incentive to listen for free to what you’ve purchased? I may not be getting your exact point there.

Due to how tiny our team is, taking on large scale proposals generally isn’t feasible so if we could break some of these ideas down it would be helpful. And as I mentioned above, until we get off Wordpress, nearly all proposals are on the backburner as it creates a complex puzzle where other devs can’t easily pick up projects. Any help toward that migration and related fixes is prerequisite to changes and the platform’s growth.

Thanks again for sharing the feedback. Resonate is in the tricky spot of trying to appeal to a variety of user needs at once, so discussions like this help us prioritize things.


This is cool feedback.

Sorry it took so long for me to get here.

I’m just another member, but I do have perspectives on Resonate’s offer, particularly around the ideas of ‘listening free’ and what is interesting about a ‘streaming service’.

It may take me a minute to get back but I will try to articulate here.

I’m in total agreement that there is work to be done, especially on this: