Greetings / My first Resonate release: DJ James Naughty - Friend Concept

Hi there, I make electronic music as DJ James Naughty and my first submission to Resonate has just been added to the catalogue. I’m planning to send in my earlier releases soon.

The tracks on this EP were all made in the 2nd half of 2021. At that time I found myself thinking about friendship a lot and I started seeing connections between some rough tracks I had and the idea of friendship, so I decided to flesh them out with that idea in mind. Really though, all music is connected to friendship in a way.

A couple of friends made contributions to the EP: I’ve known Billy Lubach (speech on track 1) since childhood and I met LayQuiet (remixer for track 4) online at about the time I started making the EP. Both make great music of their own, but neither is (yet) on Resonate.

Glad to be here and I hope you like the tunes! Please let me know if you have any thoughts about them.