#haveyoursay Resonate survey on streaming - please fill in

We’ve got a super important survey on streaming - please fill it in and add your thoughts and suggestions. Also please share it in your communities.

The UK Parliament is holding an inquiry into streaming, and we will be submitting evidence on the alternative business model for fairer streaming. The survey will also help us shape Resonate.

Please respond by Friday 13th 1200GMT. Thanks!

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Just a reminder that the responses to this survey (the last public one we did - look at the questions at the link above) are available and have some insight into public understanding / perceptions of Resonate and the S2O proposition. There’s a written summary that went into our Response Document to UK govt on music streaming. We tabulated the (anonymous) responses we had at the time of the report - around 80-100:

…but we left the survey up and responses have kept coming in. There are about 200 responses now in the Wordpress form database (form ID 89) for anyone who cares to look at them (perhaps volunteering to update the summary if thought worthwhile? - I’m not aware of any other recent, specific market research?)