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Hi everyone,

I’m new to resonate but been around a bit in the coop space. I’m currently thinking about building some new open source tools to help platform cooperatives do what they do, so I’m trying to connect with different communities and conduct a loose survey.

At the product/platform level, are there any consistent problems Resonate has been facing that it could use some help with? As a starting point, my feeling is that the platform coop movement lacks great software to help large numbers of users participate in governance efficiently, and this could be an area for me to look. Has that been a challenge?

Hope to learn something from you all!



Hi @m0zrat! Welcome. Great to receive an excellent fundamental question.

A key recent effort for the part of our community that is working with the code-base has been to build a collective document so basic responsibilities and decision-making processes around this work are understood and shared. Just last week a current version of this document was approved by the collective and co-op executive brandon king @brndnkng. Find it here: Maintainer document.

This document marks a significant collectivization of work on the codebase. I recommend you check this out and reach out to brandon and/or the Maintainers about any capacity you may be able to offer.


Also check out our current Product Backlog! (new as of last week :tada: ) for an overview of what it is we’re working on and blocked on.


Thanks, @psi and @richjensen! Very helpful links. The maintainer doc seems to be mostly a kind of guide or set of policies for maintainers, while the backlog looks like a list of aspirational or potential features or project. Does that seem about right?

Those definitely help, but it’s still a bit tough to get the overall picture. Is there any kind of community call where may I could get more of an orientation about what’s happening, where the biggest needs are? If not, maybe I can just try out the product and hang around in the forum until I get a better overall sense. Thanks.

Oh, I’d also be happy to be assigned a few volunteer tasks if that’s something that happens in some form!

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That’s correct!

You can check the community calendar for upcoming events. They’re all also posts in this forum, so you can ask on those posts if you have questions. Any event listed on there you’re welcome to attend.

We’ve had a bit of issue getting people to show up to the community check-ins, but the Wednesday dev calls have been a pretty good place to find out what’s happening.

I’ve also DMed you to schedule a 1-1 if that’s interesting to you!