Help - Bug Verification - Listen Count not Reflected on Label Page

Any help reproducing this bug would be appreciated. (update: reproduced, wasn’t just me)

Listen to this track on the player, verify listening dots show up

Visit the track’s Label Page

see the dots are missing

Click on the Album name to see the album detail:

Rama Riddim


I can replicate it. From a technical standpoint, what I can see is that the front-end only requests playcounts for 15 of the 30+ tracks, and this one (Rama Riddim) isn’t one of them. Not sure why that is, but clearly a bug.


thanks - maybe from the @Uploaders side someone could look to see if any data is missing? This label has a bunch of tracks for whom if you visit their ALBUM page it says undefined (in the url), maybe something has to be re-saved?

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Also, visiting the artist page for that specific track, it says there are no tracks:

Might be a separate bug.

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that’s a known issue for compilation albums (can’t seem to find the reference to it in the forum though).

Something also concerning is that we both presumably played that track within the past 4 hours and it’s nowhere on the global recently played list.

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Posted an issue here: Playcounts are not fetched for all tracks on the label page · Issue #153 · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub

That is indeed concering :thinking:

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Uploader here. I’m taking a look right now on the upload dashboard. I managed to bring up the “Work That” track on the dashboard (copying its ID from the player to find it) and it seems fine as far as I can see.

I would take a look at the release itself, but I’m not sure how I can find it in the dashboard other than browsing manually through the 3000+ releases I have access to (and the URL on the dashboard uses a kind of ID or hash, and the player uses the release name in its URL).

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I reproduced the same issue (track play is logged on the track page, not on the label page) playing the track Brown Skin, which is from another album listed under “Various Artists” on that label.

If you hover over the album artwork on the Label page, it sends to this URL.

If you hover over the album title on the Label page, it sends to this similar URL (but slightly different). The 4300 in the URL seems to be the “user ID” (I assume) for Yoncia (the artist for the first track on the album).

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Looks like it’s an issue with the various=true albums. Could repo with this other various=true album from The House Organ:

and track

which reminded me of the previous threads:

and the github issue:

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I looked into the code and there are indeed 2 different code paths for “Discography” and “Various Artists”, and the latter does not fetch playcounts. See details here: Playcounts are not fetched for all tracks on the label page · Issue #153 · resonatecoop/stream · GitHub

What I’m not sure about is why these types of albums are treated differently? Isn’t it definitive which albums belong to which labels? Aren’t all label albums apart of the label discography?


I did a quick’n’dirty search on the releases on the upload dashboard for Rama Riddim - the album’s name. Did a ctrl+f on each page, basically - might’ve missed it, but I couldn’t find it (by name, at least). Is that normal?

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searching it doesn’t work on the player either.

Anyway, it seem like while there has already been discussion (philosophically and practically) about what to do about the compilation albums, the fact that they’re essentially undiscoverable is also something that should be addressed, and probably separately.


I repeated this also.

Iterated through all 40 pages of releases (limited by 80) and searched the page for ‘riddim’. Found a couple of hits but not this Rama Riddim.

So, if you missed it, I did too.