Help Create Resonate "Icon Pack" for Artist & Label Websites


I’ve noticed that few artists have links to Resonate on their websites, and the reasons why seem pretty obvious. Resonate’s logos aren’t easily available!

So, I’m volunteering to help create an “Icon Pack” of various sizes, styles, and dimensions of Resonate logos – this way it will be easier for artists and labels to link to their Resonate player pages if they wish.

I need your help! Please comment here and express what kinds of images you need and at what sizes. Explain what kind of website you use or any other information that would be necessary so that we can develop icons that work for your needs. Transparent? Circular? White on black? Black on white? Tell me!

The primary three styles are the Icon, Wordmark, and the combined Icon+Wordmark.



I use Bandzoogle for my site and the options they give are circle, square and “icon” (essentially transparent with no visible border). They’re scaleable up to 100px. I’ve also messaged them to ask how other platform logos can be added to their existing dropdown list.


They replied pretty quickly:

I’m happy to pass the suggestion along to our development team for you. They review member feedback regularly as we plan improvements to our system. You can also make use of the Suggestion Box menu in your Community tab to post ideas and requests such as this. Our developers prioritize member suggestions based on the level of demand and that is a great way to get other members echoing your request.


I think one of the struggles that also makes it harder to use resonate icons for bands on their website (or for webdevs making it for them) is the increasing use of sites like Fontawesome, Flaticon to name the biggest ones, to have these kind of links in vectorized font compatible format which is an easy way to make websites fully scalable and responsive. I noticed Bandcamp had all their icons available there (no idea if they’ve done it themselves or if it’s been submitted by someone else), but maybe we could contact those platforms so that resonate is readily available there too ? This would certainly help I think.


Long term that is definitely a must!