Help test the new site - No developer experience necessary

Hi all,

The dev team is looking to close out the 1st stage of transition from Wordpress to our own servers.
New repos available on Github.

We are looking for your help with doing so via QA (Quality Assurance) testing on the new site.

Development Site:

QA testing

  • What is QA Testing?
    • QA testing is testing out new features on the site before we launch them for the public. It involves making sure all the features of a new software release work as expected and that none of the old features have been broken. You do not need to be a developer to do QA testing
  • I want to help, what needs testing?
    • If you aren’t a developer the new site will seem the same as the old one (with some minor aesthetic changes). For testing, we need to make sure everything still works properly, so anything you would do normally on resonate, test that you can still do it on the test site
    • The only thing that won’t work is actually playing music (please ignore that when you test)

Some suggested steps if you want to help us test:
All testing will be done on the development website

  1. Try using the Login/Logout flow and various tasks associated with your profile (You will need to create a new user for the development site)

    • Please test everything in the user profile dropdown menu (e.g. update your account, faq, etc.)
    • Please test buying credits – Fake credit card info you should use below:
      • Put in fake info for the name, address, etc
      • Dummy card numbers you can use
        1. 4242 4242 4242 4242
        2. 4000 0027 6000 3184.
  2. Try using the all the header nav locations

  3. Try using all the footer nav options

  4. Play freely with the dev site and make sure it works like the production one

The more eyes we have on the development website the more likely we are to catch bugs so we appreciate anyone who can dedicate some time to this task

Reporting Bugs Found

I have created a bug template below that you can use.

Steps to report a bug

  1. Copy the template at the bottom of this post
  2. Create a new topic on the Platform page
  3. Set the topic name as Bug - [Insert quick description of your bug here]
  4. Paste the template and fill it out as best you can
  5. Add the following tags to your post qa-project-3 gh-incomplete bug

Sample bugs logged:

After Bug Reported

After you report your bug

  1. I will review bugs reported M-W-F-Sat
  2. If I’m able to reproduce the bug
    1. I will create a a new issue on our GitHub QA Project and work with our devs to get someone to look at it
    2. Reply that the issue has been reproduced and someone will review
    3. Update the tag gh-incomplete to gh-complete
  3. If I’m unable to reproduce the bug
    1. I will ask for more information or follow up with a reply in the topic

Bug Report Template Below:



Steps to reproduce

Expected Results vs Actual Results



Source URL



I saw this URL earlier but couldn’t figure out what it was. Is just an auto-deployment of latest from GitHub - resonatecoop/stream: Monorepo for Resonate Coop player (along with the back-ends)? Or is it something else? The name is a bit cryptic (what is “id” symbolizing here? and is the ninja TLD just used for obscurity?) :sweat_smile:

I guess, on the note of URLs, the main URL is but the streaming site is Is the coop one legacy? Or new? Makes it slightly harder (imo) for new users to remember things (I suppose everyone just googles these days tho).

(btw, the Github QA Project link leads to 404 for me)


Hi @fgblomqvist I’m not sure if is auto or manually deployed, my gut says it’s manual. It should be pointing at dev versions of the BEs. Not sure about why the url was chosen but :man_shrugging:t5:

re: urls - The ultimate goal is to pare it down the urls, for now though, as long we can navigate between the site/player/forum via links between them it’ll have to do.

Being able to see the github project was an access issue, I’ve since updated. Let me know if you can see it now.



@jackhajb :wave:

Thanks for the explanation, I see. And yes, I can see the GitHub stuff now, cool!


We’re planning to move from .is to .coop for the website, the community forums, id server, etc…


The new website is also testable at this url:


@richjensen @Hakanto @LLK @brndnkng

Y’all peep yet?

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I think we really need to have some info on that first page that 1) tells people what Resonate is and why they should be using it (as opposed to some other service), and 2) centers the Community Forum as well.

I left notes in my Google Doc around how I feel we could succinctly address the fundamentals of what Resonate is on the main page. I feel we could incorporate some of this beneath those Player and Dashboard blocks at the top.

Maybe it’s two more similar blocks, with one labeled “About” (shitty suggestion) and another one labeled “Community Forum”? But I think it would be cool to bake the “About” beneath all of that on the main page in a way that’s short and sweet.


Haven’t looked at it yet! I will dedicate some time to it this week end.

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I’m divin’ in next week :surfing_man:t4:

@morsifire here’s an area you could help out if we can’t get your uploader account working. This task would uniquely benefit from your game testing experience! This testing is essential to migrating off our outdated Wordpress system and onto our new infrastructure. Once we’re migrated, Resonate will be much better place for users and future dev collaboration.

#qa-project-3 can show you what folks have already caught and pointed out if you’re interested in lending a hand.

@Hakanto excellent! tytyty

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@morsifire :handshake:t4: I’m on this task too! Hit me up if you have any questions or want to hang while working. Same to everyone else.

Thank you to everyone who’s been testing and fixing things. A harvest awaits us! :tangerine: @auggod @jackhajb @theargentgrub @ahay @fgblomqvist @boopboop @piper


Bumping my suggested copy + layout edits for the site!


Hmm, so I started testing in earnest but quickly arrived at a message saying I had maxed out my posts for the day. I’m guessing you don’t want to be deluged with new posts…but I was ready to do a lot more testing/posting today :smiley:

Thrilled that this platform is getting some attention.


I agree, first and foremost, with the need to “simplify now, explain later” (and I mean this about the signup pages/process). Just feels like too much stuff getting thrown at new users ATM. I’m a first-timer here and it’s the first thing I noticed.

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To minimize spam, the forum prevents new users from creating lots of posts until they’ve spent some time on the site.

I’ve changed your settings so you should be able to post as much as you need. Grateful for the help, @orangefizz!

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I suggest Playwright for automated testing, should help speed up the QA process on this front.