Help upload artists' music

The co-op needs kind souls to upload music to the Resonate Player on behalf of artists here. Until we finish designing and build our new Dashboard that artists can use directly, this is a manual process. Not a complicated one, but one that requires an eye for detail.

If you’d like to join @Uploaders and help test the Dashboard, read this guide and then comment below to introduce yourself. The more folks help out, the more new music and artists we can bring onto Resonate!

Uploader tasks, in brief

  • Uploading music submissions
  • Updating a release’s upload status on our collab spreadsheet when you do your work
  • Clearly describing bugs encountered while using the Dashboard

good traits for Uploaders

  • Detail-oriented
  • Stays chill if faced with weird tech interface issues
  • Must respect artist confidentiality
  • Clear writing style when describing bugs and interface issues
  • Bonus: Interest or experience with UI design
  • Bonus: Has experience using other platforms’ catalog management tools
  • Bonus: Is an artist themselves and can offer that perspective toward improving UI for artists’ needs

BTW, bonus perk: it’s a fantastic way to discover artists!


And give them a lovely human welcome to the coop! Thanks!


I would love to help with this! I’m Morsifire, a musical artist and educator based in Nashville, TN. I have prior experience in commercial radio as a producer as well as in AAA video game quality assurance. I have plenty of experience uploading my own music through CDBaby and AWAL, a keen eye for metadata from my days in radio, and love bug tracking from my days in QA. Really love what Resonate is doing and want to do anything to help it grow and support other artists.


Yo, @morsifire that’s amazing :pray:

I’ll send you a message and we’ll get you set up

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Hello I think I am rather capable for helping out with this endeavor. I am a instructor of digital media in our labs at the University of Houston. Close attention to details is always a must. Furthermore, I am also an artist as I have practiced and recorded since I was 15. I likely can provide valuable insights and uploading music is something I must understand. I hope I can and contribute in many ways to this community.


@TheWoods A fellow Houstonian, hello! Enjoying the lovely weather today? :hibiscus:

There have been some difficulties getting new uploader accounts set up. I’ll reach out as soon as all’s working again. Thanks for offering your help!

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Hey hey first post on the forum and am here to help out with some uploading (if that’s all ready ofc) !

I currently produce and DJ under the alias dj excel and help run the decentralised collective SODAA where the goal to obtain a venue that is operated and funded by its community. Have done some metadata work at Mixcloud, so happy to do some work like this :relieved: