Help with Communications work at Resonate

I can help with the newsletter, and potentially press and socials.

I am on US CST time and am normally free during my evenings and most times on weekends. Thanks!


I just wanted to introduce you to the communications subcategory of the forum based on your response to the Resonate Volunteer Survey. Feel free to reach out to @melis_tailored if you are interested in learning more about the communications work taking place at Resonate, and potentially looking for some places to volunteer.



Thanks @Sam_Martyn and hello @melis_tailored! I’d be interested in helping with socials (particularly Twitter and YouTube, as I’m most familiar with those), doing research for press contacts and looking for opportunities for folks to talk about Resonate, as well as collaborating on and proofing any of the above if needed. I’m UK-based and available on weekdays.


Please check the doodle and indicate which meeting times work for you.

Thank you,

Thursday 4th March (tomorrow) between 5-6pm CET seems to be a time everyone can make.
I’m happy to confirm that, if you can let me know today.
Then I’ll send a zoom link tomorrow morning.


That sounds good to me personally. Looking forward to the meeting :+1:

Sounds good to me. I believe that’s 11am EST if I’m not mistaken?

Melissa Taylor is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
See you shortly!

Topic: Resonate Communication volunteers
Time: Mar 4, 2021 05:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 955 4245 0717
Passcode: D58QTH

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Thank you all so much for joining the meeting! I’ll post updates in the coming days to get us started.

Have a great weekend,



Further to our meet up last week, I have started a simple document that we can all share and contribute to.

TAB 1 = ASSETS - march DISCOVER socials
organisation of the assets for Buffer - to send out the ‘DISCOVER’ artists on resonate tweets/IG/facebook messaging.
If you have some time, anyone could take a moment to gather the profile URLs and find a good press picture to be used to quickly set up buffer.
add in your ideas for writing for the blog!
things we should highlight on the next newsletter

Lets start with these, but please feel free to send your ideas!
Also for video content, graphics, quick messaging, artists you would love to highlight in the future etc.

Thank you!

thank you so much to the absolute angel/s who filled in the social URLs for all the monthly staff playlist artists. i’m going to hit buffer now and set up nearly the whole of the rest of the months posts.

for the blog - we already have two nice ideas. I have added columns in for writer and also upvotes. if you’d like to nominate yourself to write, please add your name under “writer”. if you like the idea of the piece please add your name to “upvote”. once we have 3 postitive votes and a writer - we’ll make the piece happen asap.

have a lovely weekend!


Hey! Just checking in and making sure I haven’t missed anything recently?


I’ve had my head down re-writing the Resonate website, manifesto and essential texts the last month or so.

There are some urgent communication needs for the coop - if anyone would like to get involved in these, please let me know!

  1. templates for social media.
    resonate transparent overlay templates for artists, labels, listeners saying - listen to me on resonate, i’m listening on resonate etc.
    these are needed for instagram and facebook formats most urgently.
    anyone with photoshop skills - this would be one for you!

  2. blog - we didn’t update the blog for a while.
    open to all ideas - from artist interviews to coop community news and state of development.
    also would be great to do a monthly round up of discussion on the forum - key topics and ideas.

  3. monthly newsletter design -
    what should be in this template? news, intro to resonate, new music, updates on resonate, TRUST/Community Credentials project, info for new members of the coop, interesting forum discussion highlights, staff picks playlist etc etc ???
    we need someone to gather all the material and text for this each month, then I can put it together in our mailchimp for sending.

ongoing essentials -
key press on resonate, streaming industry and coops - keeping a running overview, sending out on socials etc.

it would be great to have another meet up - perhaps next week?

Best wishes,


Sure, I can help with any of those so let me know what dates are open for a possible meeting :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding the graphics, is that just creating a .PSD template for artists, etc. to drop in their images into or like a group of .png assets for the roles identified that folks can download?


Thanks Roberta.

It would be a set of templates that artists/labels can drop their own artwork into and will have an automatic resonate overlay.
Like these here

Then finished resonate sharing images for listeners - I’m listening on resonate - the play fair streaming service etc.

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Could you send me the design guidelines and any existing graphics/logos that need to be included? I can DM my email if that’s easier. Thanks!

Yes! send me your email and we can work it out. Thanks!