Hi - how can I make myself useful?

Hi and good evening,
I am a fan of what you are doing here and would love to contribute whenever time allows.
I have a background in credit risk (worked in it for six years, pretty good in (SME) corporate finance/lending strategy topics, some statistical modelling), am just transitioning into a business intelligence/analytics role in my day job and am doing a statistics/data science course on the side. I have not yet figured out where I could slot in best, so am keenly reading in the community and will try and find a topic that aligns best with my experience/knowledge.
Anyway, nice to meet you all! :wave:


aside from making public playlists, with your skillset it would be cool to collaborate on a project running experiments on what would increase the “diversity” (right now that means country) of the artists that get played on the platform?

my work is logged in these threads:
Measuring Diversity in Plays
Listener Sunday :slight_smile:

Data is collected by polling this.

Biggest discovery so far - the seemingly total lack in carribean music from the “currently playing” is because plays from tracks on compilation albums don’t appear in “currently playing” for some reason, and the one label with a bunch of music … is almost all compilation albums.


Hi Johannes!

Thanks for checking in. Where are you based? (What time zone?)

Pinging @SueJ here. (Finance Team lead)

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

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Good Morning,
Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:. I am based in GMT (London, UK), but grew up in Germany.
@boopboop Thank you, that looks interesting. I have a few questions and will post in your thread when I find some time.


Hi Johannes,

Welcome on board! Sounds like you have some amazing skills that will help Resonate to grow. I joined in October last year and I’m also GMT based (Reading). Would be great to have a chat :smiley:



Hi Sue,
yeah absolutely, happy to have a chat. Is there a particularly good resource for me to read on what you are doing with the finance function at resonate? Also happy to jump on a call in the next few days if you are free (post 6 pm if possible).
Thank you everyone for the welcome!

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Hi Johannes, we’re still a new team formed late Nov/early December so we’re in the early stages of learning how to use the forum in a more proactive way, creating policies and identifying core deliverables over and above the pure accounting side. One key area is to define the main financial and non financial reporting we need to support the business. Your analytical skills could be very useful here?

Are you free tomorrow Weds at 7pm? GMT - let me know and I’ll post a Zoom link (open to others in the thread who’d like to join).