Homepage album slideshow -- community curation challenge

In our original designs for the new site, there was a section we didn’t complete before launch. (Screenshot below.) While we’re not quite ready to put up a player for this, we could do a more rudimentary version, to get something visual on the homepage and entice new arrivals to join the site.

So here’s the community challenge – who should go in that rotating slideshow? Nominate your favorites as well as albums that you think are of strategic importance. Think a maximum of 10-15.

Seeing this artists and albums covers is going to communicate a LOT about who we are and who has signed up, so the emphasis should be on diversity of genres and genders.

tagging @lindner @terry @robthomas @RobertaFidora @Timothee
please tag others if you want them to chime in!

Great. I will certainly get onto this.

Tagging - @andrew.della @Femi @allharbour.

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I REALLY like Duval Timothy - Sen Am and Rian Treanor’s Ataxia (Planet Mu).

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Darkstar - Aidys Girl’s a Computer
Burial - Untrue
Toasty - Metal
Vex’d - Lion


Really amazing suggestions so far, I think there is a lot to finding a few recognizable underground hits, and mix that in with newer finds that are carrying the torch. This defines the service from point one, to stand in opposition to the corporatized music presented when one opens Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal/etc.

I’m still searching through the library, but a bit of diversity here is key as well, slipping in one or two well known more “mainstream” albums may be a good indicator to users of the greater potential of Resonate.


Totally agree @cmrn.morse – balancing diversity across race, gender, genre and career status is key.

Was thinking today that when we get this list up, we describe it as “curator picks for June” with the intention of getting this to be a weekly thing. Also want to use it as a teaching opportunity of what’s involved with algorithm-free curation. Tricky business but I think we can find it together!


Agree completely. Check out the LP by Great Ghost.

Does this have to be album only? Some potentially good ambassadors, and up and coming artists haven’t released albums yet, and some haven’t uploaded theirs, only key singles, so will need a good nudge! We need to be able to get some emerging artists in there if possible. Also currently a some music biz education places are advising artists against releasing albums, as a string of singles is more effective in the new streaming climate!

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Anyway here is one - deux furieuses Tracks of Wire album https://beta.resonate.is/artists/6703
Got great reviews and they’ve recently signed to Frank Turner’s label

Suggested track: Can We Talk About This


Definitely think it can be singles as well, as long as they’re professionally produced.

That can be quite subjective I know. @allharbour suggested we have an option for identifying singles as “sketches” or “works in progress” (if I remember the terms he used). This could create an opportunity for artists to self identity the status of their works and also automatically pre filter specific songs.

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Maybe, but possibly not a priority. Years ago people would put up demo status work on Soundcloud. Now nobody lets anything out the door that is not 100% finished and ready for action, it’s considered bad practice. I suppose we could make a virtue out of encouraging early versions at some point in future if we have the time.


So do we have the workings of a final list?

Anyone with HTML experience want to help code this? (I can assist and integrate into the site.)