Host a resonate meetup in your town

Our account could be used for organizing local groups.

Anyone in [insert your town here] want to host weekly or bi-monthly?

Anything goes.

Suggested topic: forming a virtual co-op to organize the local community.


I’m looking into hosting one in Brussels.


I would love to organize one this fall in Paris, or maybe in Lyon with @marie ?
I could also join the Brussels one too.


For this fall also, I think I can find a space in Brussels for discussions and workshops.

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Looking at Seattle for sure.

Funny, when I first thought of this I pictured people sitting and talking. Last night I thought of it again but it was more like a show: A featured artist performing. Is anyone else making progress toward an event?

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SF Bay Area anyone?

Is the team willing to publish membership geographic distributions?

Here’s a story:

  • As a Listener I can choose to share my location on my profile with city, state or country granularity.
  • As a Listener I can browse people by location and “Find the Others” more easily.

I have a location for Brussels! I plan to organize that on a Saturday afternoon in October. Please contact me already if you would like to join so we can find a date that suit everyone. To bring more people, i’ll setup an event on meetup and I’ll create a new discourse thread for brussels meetup. I think it would be great to have more than 10 people for the first meetup. We can safely invite 50 people or more.


Cool ! I’m free every Saturdays in October except the first one, so I’ll try to join if train tickets aren’t too expensive.
Let me know if I can help for the organisation or the Meetup page administration, I used to it.

It would be awesome if @marie could join us too.

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Sweet @auggod! I’m still scouting for Seattle. Got a lead on a spot in Portland, also probably Octoberish.

Hi all - got a great venue for London meet up, Grow in Hackney Wick, aiming for late September/early October. More soon. Planning for a Tuesday evening as free venue, and a lot of meetups in London are on weekdays.

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@Timothee @marie believe it’s too late to organize a meetup in brussels this month. I got confirmation we have november 2 and 30 reserved for us.

Is anyone available to join? I think november 30 might be best.

We will be able to use the opencollective funds if we can add a little more. I think it can be used for train tickets if you have the receipt.

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November 30 is ok for me!
@auggod What do you have an mind in terms of content for the meetup? A global presentation of Resonate and/or something more specific?

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@timothee Yes, I think the central point of the meetup should be a presentation of Resonate.

  • The coop
  • Stream2own model
  • Community
  • Open Source road map
  • Q&A

    Other subjects might be
  • Funding Resonate, Open Collective
  • Sustainability, action for climate …
  • The state of the music industry

    Bring ideas from everyone

We can use the space all day. I imagine, we can start early afternoon with everyone coming who is already part of Resonate. At that time we may still be able to discuss the content of the presentation. Also plan future meetups (workshops, hackathons)
The presentation would take place later in the day. (ex: 5-6pm)
Everyone that remains after the presentation can have a drink. There should be some food available to share and we have kitchen for us to use.

The place is managed by Communa and is already a host for many communities

We’ll talk about the meetup on the community call today and I’ll probably confirm ‘November 30’

I should add you as a coorganizer on meetup, i have started the meetup event page as a draft


I’d attend a Portland meetup. Probably wouldn’t be worth it to try assembling anything in Eugene at this point.

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Hi! I see you’re in the Bay Area. I’m an artist based in Oakland. Let’s get in touch! My email is

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Peace @joseph. I really appreciate your work. Both the community-indie focus from a few years back and your more recent visionary work (checked out some of your videos). Right on for taking a position with #NoMusicForICE. It’s dope to see you here. I hope the environment helps advance your circle.

Lol. Kinda being a thread killer. I’m based in Seattle. Might try to get something together here in March. Also have a lead on a good (large) commercial space in Portland if that is of interest. Mainly feel obliged to give a shout to @Timothee and @auggod for making a meet up in Brussels happen. Stuff of legend. :slight_smile:

Hi Rich, Thanks for checking out my work! And thank you as well for sharing those resources in Portland. I have a friend Devin Lee who is managing the artist Left at London. They’re both based in Seattle and work under the collective Granite Records.

I think Left at London would be an excellent artist to bring onto resonate. I am planning some touring with Left at London for end of January/Early Feb here in the Bay, plus Fresno and Long Beach. I’ll start the conversation!

Here’s their work: