⭐ How are we going to admin users when we switch to the ID server?

@boopboop and I were chatting and are wondering what the plan is for user administration on the new ID server. If we won’t be using Wordpress to administer users, what will we be using? @Nick_M @auggod @angus

If the question has already been answered elsewhere, kindly steer us in the right direction :clap:t4:

There are a set of admin user stories and there are admin roles in the user API. See the stories Bxx and Cxx in this post We need to define the UI for those admin roles. The membership part of the User API is not in place, but we are replacing that with the users, products and ‘orders’ part of the Stripe API, which comes with an admin dashboard. So hopefully we will get by with that. At least it will be more integrated than the WordPress system.

What user administration functionality is needed? What do we currently use Wordpress User Administration for?

It’s mostly done by ad-hoc access to WordPress Gravity forms and extracts from those forms into spreadsheets. Signups, memberships, donations and supporter share information. The userAPI spec has a write-up of the main things we need… See the user stories. Some of this could of course be done with Dev access to the dB and / or extracts, but I’m hoping that by using the stripe api and products, users and purchases of those products we will have most of what we need from the Stripe admin dashboard. I don’t have access to that, so I can’t be sure what it would look like. Hopefully OK. Failing that, the stripe APIs are good for listing orders, users and so on.

A slightly trickier area will be handling any errors and failures in the integration between the Resonate userapi and the stripe customer api and between the tracksapi credits accounting and the stripe orders/payments. We will need error logging and a way for admins to browse them and ideally close them off / clear them with some sort of audit trail.

A lot of admin is also done via the members mailbox where various Gravity Form contact forms, especially for volunteering, simply drop a message into the mailbox. This is obviously unsustainable for working at scale. A lot of this could be more simply recorded by adding attributes to the user / membership record, and then using ‘customer relationship management’ functions. We made a start on what we need here: Communications and Relationship Management - User Stories

It’s possible we could get what we need from ‘off the shelf’ features of something like Zoho CRM, for example (Zoho being our mailbox host) and its integration with the Stripe user API? CRM is obviously important in the short term for our fundraising campaigns.

@angus not to speak for the admin, but from a member’s POV if I’m locked out of my account and forgot password isn’t working due to my user error (like I typoed on my email or my browsers security restrictions are a bit too strict), currently the admin can view a list of users and manually reset my pw and send it to me, and debug what the issue is / what I’m doing wrong.

This has happened to me at least 2x (tbh a lot more but lets not talk about that). Little issues like this are what brought me to the forum in the first place, and I assume with the new API there will be different little issues that the admin will have to deal with.

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