How do I create and find events in our calendar?

That is my question.

I want to know what meetings are coming up.


Aha! I found it.

Next question: How are events contributed to the calendar?

@Hakanto Who has editing capability? Is there a set of users?

@richjensen I believe anyone in the forum can create events.

To create an event, open the gear menu while creating a new Topic. It will appear automatically on the calendar.


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Ah, yes! The gear! Wonderful!

Any member… nice! Powers!

Thank you @angus!


New issue:

The Calendar link (and help) in the header bar does not appear on my old Android phone…


On any small device where the menu bar is short of space and icons get dropped, you can use the ‘hamburger’ menu to find what you want. Calendar is called ‘Upcoming Events’ in that menu, so could benefit from a rename to ‘Calendar’ for consistency? Help Desk appears in Categories.



i created an event in a post - according to the instructions above, in a public group.
but it’s not appearing as an event in the calendar of public events.

is there something else i need to do to put it there?

this is the link to the post

thank you!


There are two different ways to add a date to a topic, but only one of them creates an event for the calendar:

Try deleting the time/date from your post and use the Create event button under the gear menu. Make sure that the codeblock which in generated in your post is its own paragraph and doesn’t have other text next to it.

If the event is created successfully, you’ll see an RSVP/description box in your published topic like here:

See here for more info:

Let me know how this works! :+1:t4:


Further to this - I have tried again to make an event. But it seems I don’t have that option available to me. Could it be that only certain members have this activated? I can only build a poll… I deleted the times as advised, but still no joy.

Screengrab illustrating no option to create events.

Thanks for any assistance.


Ooooo a clue! We’re closing in on this one. The settings probably need to be adjusted on the Events Plugin. I’ll take a look :wrench:

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What does the calendar icon to the left of the settings icon on your screen do? Could that be the button you’re looking for?

It adds a smart calendar time into the post, but doesn’t create an event in our shared calendar.

Ah, okay, so it kinda just adds a reminder to your own calendar?

not even that!

Hmmm…okay then… will be interested to hear more about that new option Hakanto was mentioning then! Thanks for the info!

I’ve adjusted the settings. Now, anyone should be able to make an event and have it automatically go on the calendar.

Keep in mind that an event can only be added in the first post of a topic, not in replies.

Test it out and let’s see what happens.


Preferably, use the calendar for gatherings and events, not for tracking when your dentist appointments are

Looking for how to enroll people in the RSVP.

First glance at meta-discourse does not provide the answer.

I think you can only invite usergroups. I’ll gander the settings again.