How do I set up a label account?

Would @boopboop and/or @piper be willing to help me create a record label profile on Resonate + upload audio + tunes? Is that something you would know about at this stage?

I’m willing to make time for all of this tomorrow.

Nice. I will try to get with @brndnkng and @Sam_Martyn to see about our volunteer email list and see if we can schedule a day for testing in the coming week.

It looks like right now, if you go to Resonate’s Join page and click Label the user gets a disclaimer: “We are currently building a new catalog processing infrastructure for Resonate. Until this project is complete, new signups have been paused for Label Accounts.” I’m not sure if that’s up-to-date, maybe @Hakanto might know?

Based on this post, it seems that @auggod may be almost done or done with our transition off of WordPress (:tada::tada::tada: hugely exciting news!), meaning our uploaders should be able to upload music again. @CPacaud @remst8 @thehouseorgan does our upload process differ for labels and artists? I have experience emailing in music/metadata as an artist but am not sure how our process works for full-on labels.

2 Likes This guide should have the info you need to get started: Managing multiple artist profiles as a label or manager :v:t4:


The guide @Hakanto shared describes what to do from the artist/label perspective.

Behind the scenes, the upload crew coordinates with the developers for releases that should be associated with a label; a developer must manually make that connection for now.


Many thanks, @Hakanto. :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Thanks for the context + details, @piper and @remst8.


I’ve emailed the artist account I’d like converted to a label account. Let me know if any other info is required? Appreciate your time and assistance greatly. @remst8 @CPacaud @thehouseorgan