How To Upload My Music

I’ve been a professional musician since 1980 and love the idea of Resonate. What the digital music scene really needs is a few ethical players!
Yesterday I launched my first self release on Bandcamp with little stress and head scratching.
I have spent a few hours already today trying to create a release and upload two WAVs (songs) to Resonate and have got no further than uploading my artwork.
I’m almost at the point of defeat. How do you create and publish a release on Resonate (the easy, straightforward version please)?


Hi Chris…

I’m sorry our communication has been poor.

We are in the midst of a server migration, which will be exciting when it is complete, but in the meantime our public-facing upload tools are non-functional.

Your material is in a queue to be uploaded by hand by the volunteer team that has undertaken this work.

I’m sorry this hasn’t been handled smoothly and I hate thinking this may bruise or break our relationship before it even gets a chance to flourish.

I’ll be cycling back by the end of the day tomorrow to see where your music is and make sure we are better explaining the process and setting expectations.

Thank you for giving this community a try and for caring enough to reach out.



I don’t think you would have my music files as they take a significant amount of time for me to upload and I was never able to find that facility. All I uploaded was my album cover.

A server migration has been done recently but it does not have anything to do with uploads. We’re just not taking any new uploads at the moment. Although we have a new upload tool available for testing (beta), it’s not ready yet for general use. We’re also not providing support on how to use the beta upload tool yet.

The upload tool has been indexed by google, that’s probably how Chris was able to try it.

So, to be clear. It’s not possible to upload new content on Resonate for the moment.

OK, at least the communication is a positive step.
I launched my first self release single this week. I have had label releases on Spotify, Apple Music etc in the past. the Resonate concept is a fabulous one and very positive.
Since the Coronavirus crisis a huge amount of artists and musicians have been unable to perform live and have gone back into the studio to create. Over the past few weeks a vast amount of new content has emerged from these sessions.
Not a great time for Resonate to go offline and stop taking ‘new uploads’. This would have been the time to establish a more ethical identity on the music scene with artists looking specifically for proper support as income from gigs has dried up and income from Spotify et-al has been shown once again to be unsustainable for artists. Bandcamp though has been a shining light since March.


Thanks @auggod, this would explain the number of folks that having been trying to upload despite the notice that we placed on our upload page.

Chris’s comments are urgent, heart-breaking and on-point.

Would it be helpful to offer a queueing system so artists get a point of contact and support ticket for on-boarding even if on an experimental basis?

Anyway, I didn’t spot any new releases created from the upload tool. (except those created using my account or Nick’s)

I only discovered Resonate a couple of weeks ago when I started researching alternatives to the popular streaming services ahead of my first self release. I watched a few Youtube videos, read some old UK newspaper articles, and when I saw a couple of artists I knew were already on Resonate I decided to sign up (as an artist). So I missed news updates on uploads etc.
After spinning around the site extensively over a couple of days looking for a way to upload my release, yes I googled Resonate Upload to see if anyone had published any advice.
I have been arguing against the common streaming model for years, so I was very positive about the Resonate concept. Pre-internet, many artists I worked with enjoyed split income between record sales and playing live. The widespread lockdown has again highlighted that income from recordings has dropped to unsustainable.
Over the past few months, artists locked in at home have published hours of music to sites like Bandcamp. In addition, I think Bandcamp has really come to the party, supporting musicians through Lockdown. I don’t think this was a good time for Resonate to take their upload access offline. In order to become an attractive source of music for fans, Resonate needs a wide variety of artists publishing a lot of varied music. The lockdown could have been Resonate’s making. Who was using (or even knew about) Zoom before February/March? Hopefully Resonate can come back and fulfil it’s potential, especially as we are not out of the Lockdown woods yet.


Just to add to this Chris, we are working as hard as we can at the moment to develop and test the new upload system, all on a volunteer basis. The old system was clumsy, storing submitted material into a big queue of form entries which volunteers then process to do the uploads. The incomplete tool you found is what we use, but you may have had access problems with it. We needed to spend time on finishing work on the tool, and doing server migrations, so we put up a pause notice while we were doing this, rather than have a huge queue and raise expectations of speedy processing. If we can get more volunteers from members to help on here it would be great. I have prepared a short video on how to do the process, so anyone who would like to help is very welcome. We hope this will be for a short time only, but we need to get this right so we can scale up for the great opportunity you have so clearly identified

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…and btw we are honoured to have you on Resonate! We will get back on it asap.

Sorry, I’m not tech savvy enough to help.

Looking good Chris!

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Yes, very happy with that. Thanks for sorting it out for me.

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How’s the upload situation atm? I just finished mixing an EP and would love to upload it here :slight_smile:


It depends on when your artist account was created.

If your artist account was created after the transition off Wordpress (first week of August), we can’t upload your music because the Upload Dashboard can only see artist accounts created before then. This is due to some technical issues resulting from that transition. (See Product Development Update, October 2022 for details.)

However, if your artist account was created before the transition off Wordpress, you can submit your new releases by following the Submitting music Handbook.

If you’re not sure which side of that transition your account falls on, you can do one of the following:

  1. Send an email to to ask us to check it for you.
  2. Go ahead and submit your music. If we can’t upload it due to this technical issue, we’ll send you an email to let you know and put your submission on a waiting list that we’ll process as soon as the problem has been resolved. (Please make sure you don’t use a file sharing service with links that expire, since it may be quite some time before we’ll be able to process your submission.)